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1. Definition of Functional Illiteracy
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4. Seriousness of the Problem
5. English Spelling Confuses Everyone
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7. The Obvious Solution Never Tried
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9. Spelling Reform is the Only Proven, Easy Solution to English Illiteracy
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11. All Reasonable Objections to Spelling Reform Have Been Debunked
12. Twelve Serious Linguistic Problems With English Spelling

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7. The Obvious Solution Never Tried

There have been several attempts at simplifying the spelling of certain words. This is the reason for most of the present differences of words spelled in the U.S. and the U.K. President Theodore Roosevelt decreed that government agencies over which he had control use a simpler spelling for 300 common words. One Chicago newspaper also used these spellings, but after a couple of years most of these simpler spellings were abandoned. There has never been a change in the way all English words are spelled.

The obvious problem in adopting alternative spellings or simplifying the spelling of a few words at a time is that a reader must know both ways of spelling the word until the new spelling is commonly used by every writer. Reading of previously printed material makes it necessary to still remember the old spelling. Publishers will be reluctant to reprint previously published material just to respell a limited number of words.

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