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The Good News of John

The Gospel of John (Gospel means "Good News") is the fourth book in the New Testament of the Holy Bible, which contains 39 books in the Old Testament and 27 books in the New Testament. A study of known facts indicates that the Good News of John was written about 85 to 90 AD by the apostle John, a little more than 50 years after the death of Jesus. John was an eyewitness to the things he records in his book. John was known as "the beloved disciple." He referred to himself in his writings as "the disciple whom Jesus loved." John and his brother James were sons of Zebedee and Salome and were called "the sons of thunder" because of the bold way they sometimes responded to challenging situations. Peter, James, and John were "the inner circle" of the disciples—those closest to Jesus.

Each paragraph in The Good News of John is given a title in order to help find portions of the text and to help in understanding the text. The Chapter numbers, verse numbers, and paragraph titles are not a part of the original writing. The words of Jesus are in red. Red letters were also not in the original. This NuEnglish version is converted from the New King James version © 1979 and is used by permission of Thomas Nelson Inc., Publishers.

If you have a friend or relative who reads so poorly that he or she almost never tries to read anything (one definition of a "functionally illiterate" person) and if this friend or relative wants or needs to read the Good News of John—or any other traditionally spelled English written material—please teach them to read NuEnglish (or enlist someone to teach them) and give them a copy of this. You should be able to teach them to read NuEnglish with only a week or two of instruction, using page 10, "Learn to Read Now" of the website (click here to go there if you are not now at that website) in the sidebar on the left. You can also teach functional illiterates how to use a scanner used with a computer and a text recognition program (such as OmniPage) to correct scanning errors. They can then feed anything they want to read into the free Respeller program accessed by clicking on "Respeller" at the top left of the wesite. All they have to do is to copy and paste the material they scanned and corrected—up to 25 pages at a time—into the left-hand box and click the "convert to NuEnglish" button.

Chaptur 1

Thu Et*urnul Wurd

In thu big*ining wuz thu Wurd, and thu Wurd wuz witt God, and thu Wurd wuz God.
        2 Hē wuz in thu big*ining witt God.
        3 Aul ttingz wur mād bī Him, and witt-out Him nu-tting wuz mād that wuz mād.
        4 In Him wuz līf, and thu līf wuz thu līt uv men.
        5 And thu līt shīnz in thu dorknus, and thu dorknus did not kompreh*end it.

Jon'z [John's] Witnus: Thu Trū Līt

        6 Ther wuz u man sent frum God, hūz nām wuz Jon.
        7 This man kām fōr u witnus, tu ber witnus uv thu Līt, that aul ttrū him mīt bel*ēv.
        8 Hē wuz not that Līt, but wuz sent tu ber witnus uv that Līt.
        9 That wuz thu trū Līt hwich givz līt tu evrē man hū kumz in-tu thu wurld.
        10 Hē wuz in thu wurld, and thu wurld wuz mād bī Him, and thu wurld did not nō Him.
        11 Hē kām tu Hiz ōn, and Hiz ōn did not res*ēv Him.
        12 But az menē az res*ēvd Him, tu them Hē gāv thu rīt tu bi-kum childrun uv God, ēvun tu thōz hū bel*ēv in Hiz nām:
        13 hū wur bōrn, not uv blud, nōr uv thu wil uv thu flesh, nōr uv thu wil uv man, but uv God.

Thu Wurd Bi-kumz Flesh

        14 And thu Wurd bi-kām flesh and dwelt um*ung us, and wē bi-held Hiz glōrē, thu glōrē az uv thē ōnlē bi-gotun uv thu Fothur, fool uv grās and trūtt.
        15 Jon bōr witnus uv Him and krīd out, sāing, "This wuz Hē uv hūm Ī sed, 'Hē hū kumz aftur mē iz pref*urd bi-fōr mē, fōr Hē wuz bi-fōr mē.' "
        16 And uv Hiz foolnus wē hav aul res*ēvd, and grās fōr grās.
        17 Fōr thu lau wuz givun bī Mōzus [Moses], but grās and trūtt kām bī Jēzus [Jesus] Krīst [Christ].
        18 Nō 1 haz sēn God at enē tīm. Thu ōnlē bi-gotun Sun, hū iz in thu boozum uv thu Fothur, Hē haz dekl*ard Him.

U Vois in thu Wildurnus

        19 And this iz thu testimōnē uv Jon, hwen thu Jūz [Jews] sent prēsts and Lēvīts [Levites] frum Jer*ūsulum [Jerusalem] tu ask him, "Hū or yū?"
        20 And hē kunf*est, and did not den*ī, but kunf*est, "Ī am not thu Krīst."
        21 And thā askt him, "Hwut then? Or yū El*īju [Elijah]?" And hē sed, "Ī am not." "Or yū thu Profut?" And hē ansurd, "Nō."
        22 Then thā sed tu him, "Hū or yū, that wē mā giv an ansur tu thōz hū sent us? Hwut dū yū sā u-bout yur-self?"
        23 Hē sed:
                "Ī am thu vois uv 1 krīing in thu wildurnus:
                'Māk strāt thu wā uv thu LŌRD,'

az thu profut Īz*āu [Isaiah] sed."
        24 And thōz hū wur sent wur frum thu Farisēz.
        25 And thā askt him, sāing, "Hwī then dū yū baptīz if yū or not thu Krīst, nōr El*īju, nōr thu Profut?"
        26 Jon ansurd them, sāing, "Ī baptīz witt wautur, but ther standz 1 um*ung yū hūm yū dū not nō.
        27 "It iz Hē hū, kuming aftur mē, iz pref*urd bi-fōr mē, hūz sandul strap Ī am not wurthē tu lūs."
        28 Thēz ttingz wur dun in Bettaburu (Bethabara) bi-yond thu Jōrdun [Jordan], hwer Jon wuz baptīzing.

Thu Lam uv God

        29 Thu next dā Jon sau Jēzus kuming taurd him, and sed, "Bi-hōld! Thu Lam uv God hū tāks u-wā thu sin uv thu wurld!
        30 "This iz Hē uv hūm Ī sed, 'Aftur mē kumz u Man hū iz pref*urd bi-fōr mē, fōr Hē wuz bi-fōr mē.'
        31 "And Ī did not nō Him; but that Hē shood bē rev*ēld tu Izrēul [Israel], ther-fōr Ī kām baptīzing witt wautur."
        32 And Jon bōr witnus, sāing, "Ī sau thu Spirit des*ending frum hevun līk u duv, and Hē rem*ānd up-on Him.
        33 "And Ī did not nō Him, but Hē hū sent mē tu baptīz witt wautur sed tu mē, 'Up-on hūm yū sē thu Spirit des*ending, and rem*āning on Him, this iz Hē hū baptīzuz witt thu Hōlē Spirit.'
        34 "And Ī hav sēn and testifīd that this iz thu Sun uv God."

Thu 1st Dis*īpulz

        35 Ug*en, thu next dā Jon stood witt 2 uv hiz dis*īpulz.
        36 And looking at Jēzus az Hē waukt, hē sed, "Bi-hōld thu Lam uv God!"
        37 And thu 2 dis*īpulz hurd him spēk, and thā folōd Jēzus.
        38 Then Jēzus turnd, and sēing them folōing, sed tu them, "Hwut dū yū sēk?" Thā sed tu Him, "Rabī" (hwich iz tu sā, hwen tranzlātud, Tēchur), "hwer or Yū stāing?"
        39 Hē sed tu them, "Kum and sē." Thā kām and sau hwer Hē wuz stāing, and rem*ānd witt Him that dā; fōr it wuz u-bout thu 10tt ouur.
        40 1 uv thu 2 hū hurd Jon spēk, and folōd Him, wuz Andrū, Sīmun [Simon] Pētur'z [Peter's] bruthur.
        41 Hē 1st found hiz ōn bruthur Sīmun, and sed tu him, "Wē hav found thu Mes*īu" (hwich iz tranzlātud, thu Krīst).
        42 And hē braut him tu Jēzus. And hwen Jēzus lookt at him, Hē sed, "Yū or Sīmun thu sun uv Jōnu [Jonah]. Yū shal bē kauld Sēfus [Cephas]" (hwich iz tranzlātud, U Stōn).

Filip [Philip] and Natt*anyul [Nathanael]

        43 Thu folōing dā Jēzus wontud tu gō tu Galilē [Galilee], and Hē found Filip and sed tu him, "Folō Mē."
        44 Nou Filip wuz frum Bettsā*idu [Bethsaida], thu sitē uv Andrū and Pētur.
        45 Filip found Natt*anyul and sed tu him, "Wē hav found Him uv hūm Mōzus in thu lau, and aul-sō thu profuts, rōt—Jēzus uv Nazurett [Nazareth], thu sun uv Jōsuf."
        46 And Natt*anyul sed tu him, "Kan enē-thing good kum out uv Nazurett?" Filip sed tu him, "Kum and sē."
        47 Jēzus sau Natt*anyul kuming taurd Him, and sed uv him, "Bi-hōld, an Izrēulīt [Israelite] in-dēd, in hūm iz nō gīl!"
        48 Natt*anyul sed tu Him, "Hou dū Yū nō mē?" Jēzus ansurd and sed tu him, "Bi-fōr Filip kauld yū, hwen yū wur undur thu fig trē, Ī sau yū."
        49 Natt*anyul ansurd and sed tu Him, "Rabī, Yū or thu Sun uv God! Yū or thu King uv Izrēul!"
        50 Jēzus ansurd and sed tu him, "Bi-kuz Ī sed tu yū, 'Ī sau yū undur thu fig trē,' dū yū bel*ēv? Yū wil sē grātur ttingz than thēz."
        51 And Hē sed tu him, "Mōst u-shurudlē, Ī sā tu yū, hir-aftur yū wil sē hevun ōpun, and thē ānjulz uv God us*ending and des*ending up-on thu Sun uv Man."

Chaptur 2

Wautur Turnd tu Wīn

And thu 3rd dā ther wuz u weding in Kānu [Cana] uv Galilē, and thu muthur uv Jēzus wuz ther.
        2 And bōtt Jēzus and Hiz dis*īpulz wur inv*ītud tu thu weding.
        3 And hwen thā ran out uv wīn, thu muthur uv Jēzus sed tu Him, "Thā hav nō wīn."
        4 Jēzus sed tu hur, "Woomun, hwut duz yur kuns*urn hav tu dū witt Mē? Mī ouur haz not yet kum."
        5 Hiz muthur sed tu thu survunts, "Hwut-evur Hē sez tu yū, dū it."
        6 And ther wur set ther 6 waturpots (waterpots) uv stōn, uk*ōrding tu thu manur uv pyurifik*āshun uv thu Jūz, kunt*āning 20 ōr 30 galunz u-pēs.
        7 Jēzus sed tu them, "Fil thu waturpots witt wautur." And thā fild them up tu thu brim.
        8 And Hē sed tu them, "Drau sum out nou, and tāk it tu thu mastur uv thu fēst." And thā took it.
        9 Hwen thu mastur uv thu fēst had tāstud thu wautur that wuz mād wīn, and did not nō hwer it kām frum (but thu survunts hū drū thu wautur nū), thu mastur uv thu fēst kauld thu brīd-grūm.
        10 And hē sed tu him, "Evrē man at thu big*ining sets out thu good wīn, and hwen men hav wel drunk, then that hwich iz inf*irēur; but yū hav kept thu good wīn unt*il nou."
        11 This big*ining uv sīnz Jēzus did in Kānu uv Galilē, and manifestud Hiz glōrē; and Hiz dis*īpulz bel*ēvd in Him.
        12 Aftur this Hē went doun tu Kup*urāum [Capernaum], Hē, Hiz muthur, Hiz bruthurz, and Hiz dis*īpulz; and thā did not stā ther menē dāz.

Jēzus Klenzuz thu Tempul

        13 And thu Pas-ōvur uv thu Jūz wuz at hand, and Jēzus went up tu Jer*ūsulum.
        14 And Hē found in thu tempul thōz hū sōld oxun and shēp and duvz, and thu munē-chānjurz dūing biznus.
        15 And hwen Hē had mād u hwip uv kōrdz, Hē drōv them aul out uv thu tempul, witt thu shēp and thē oxun, and pōrd out thu chānjurz' munē and ōvur-turnd thu tābulz.
        16 And Hē sed tu thōz hū sōld duvz, "Tāk thēz ttingz u-wā! Dū not māk Mī Fothur'z hous u hous uv murchundīs!"
        17 And Hiz dis*īpulz rem*emburd that it wuz ritun, "Zēl fōr Yur hous haz ētun Mē up."
        18 Then thu Jūz ansurd and sed tu Him, "Hwut sīn dū Yū shō tu us, sēing that Yū dū thēz ttingz?"
        19 Jēzus ansurd and sed tu them, "Destr*oi this tempul, and in 3 dāz Ī wil rāz it up."
        20 Then thu Jūz sed, "It haz tākun 40-6 yirz tu bild this tempul, and wil Yū rāz it up in 3 dāz?"
        21 But Hē wuz spēking uv thu tempul uv Hiz bodē.
        22 Ther-fōr, hwen Hē had rizun frum thu ded, Hiz dis*īpulz rem*emburd that Hē had sed this tu them; and thā bel*ēvd thu Skripchur and thu wurd hwich Jēzus had sed.

Thu Dis*urnur uv Horts

        23 Nou hwen Hē wuz in Jer*ūsulum at thu Pas-ōvur, during thu fēst, menē bel*ēvd in Hiz nām hwen thā sau thu sīnz hwich Hē did.
        24 But Jēzus did not kum*it Him-self tu them, bi-kuz Hē nū aul men,
        25 and did not nēd that enē-1 shood testifī uv man, fōr Hē nū hwut wuz in man.

Chaptur 3

Thu Nū Burtt

Ther wuz u man uv thu Farisēz nāmd Nikud*ēmus [Nicodemus], u rūlur uv thu Jūz.
        2 This man kām tu Jēzus bī nīt and sed tu Him, "Rabī, wē nō that Yū or u tēchur kum frum God; fōr nō 1 kan dū thēz sīnz that Yū dū unl*es God iz witt him."
        3 Jēzus ansurd and sed tu him, "Mōst u-shurudlē, Ī sā tu yū, unl*es 1 iz bōrn ug*en, hē kan not sē thu kingdum uv God."
        4 Nikud*ēmus sed tu Him, "Hou kan u man bē bōrn hwen hē iz ōld? Kan hē entur u 2nd tīm in-tu hiz muthur'z wūm and bē bōrn?"
        5 Jēzus ansurd, "Mōst u-shurudlē, Ī sā tu yū, unl*es 1 iz bōrn uv wautur and thu Spirit, hē kan not entur thu kingdum uv God.
        6 "That hwich iz bōrn uv thu flesh iz flesh, and that hwich iz bōrn uv thu Spirit iz spirit.
        7 "Dū not morvul that Ī sed tu yū, 'Yū must bē bōrn ug*en.'
        8 "Thu wind blōz hwer it wishuz, and yū hir thu sound uv it, but kan not tel hwer it kumz frum and hwer it gōz. Sō iz evrē-1 hū iz bōrn uv thu Spirit."

        9 Nikud*ēmus ansurd and sed tu Him, "Hou kan thēz ttingz bē?"
        10 Jēzus ansurd and sed tu him, "Or yū thu tēchur uv Izrēul, and dū not nō thēz ttingz?
        11 "Mōst u-shurudlē, Ī sā tu yū, Wē spēk hwut Wē nō and testifī hwut Wē hav sēn, and yū dū not res*ēv Our witnus.
        12 "If Ī hav tōld yū urttlē ttingz and yū dū not bel*ēv, hou wil yū bel*ēv if Ī tel yū hevunlē ttingz?
        13 "And nō 1 haz us*endud tu hevun but Hē hū kām doun frum hevun, ēvun thu Sun uv Man hū iz in hevun.
        14 "And az Mōzus liftud up thu surpunt in thu wildurnus, ēvun sō must thu Sun uv Man bē liftud up,
        15 "that hū-evur bel*ēvz in Him shood not perish but hav et*urnul līf.
        16 "Fōr God sō luvd thu wurld that Hē gāv Hiz ōnlē bi-gotun Sun, that hū-evur bel*ēvz in Him shood not perish but hav evur-lasting līf.
        17 "Fōr God did not send Hiz Sun in-tu thu wurld tu kund*em thu wurld, but that thu wurld ttrū Him mīt bē sāvd.
        18 "Hē hū bel*ēvz in Him iz not kund*emd; but hē hū duz not bel*ēv iz kund*emd aul-redē, bi-kuz hē haz not bel*ēvd in thu nām uv thē ōnlē bi-gotun Sun uv God.
        19 "And this iz thu kondemn*āshun, that līt haz kum in-tu thu wurld, and men luvd dorknus rathur than līt, bi-kuz thar dēdz wur ēvul.
        20 "Fōr evrē-1 hū duz ēvul hāts thu līt and duz not kum tu thu līt, lest hiz dēdz shood bē exp*ōzd.
        21 "But hē hū duz thu trūtt kumz tu thu līt, that hiz dēdz mā bē klirlē sēn, that thā or dun in God."

Jon thu Baptist Egz*aults Krīst

        22 Aftur thēz ttingz Jēzus and Hiz dis*īpulz kām in-tu thu land uv Jūd*ēu [Judea], and ther Hē rem*ānd witt them and baptīzd.
        23 And Jon aul-sō wuz baptīzing in Ēnun [Aenon] nir Salim, bi-kuz ther wuz much wautur ther. And thā kām and wur baptīzd.
        24 Fōr Jon had not yet ben ttrōn in-tu prizun.
        25 Then ther u-rōz u disp*yūt bet*wēn sum uv Jon'z dis*īpulz and thu Jūz u-bout pyurifik*āshun.
        26 And thā kām tu Jon and sed tu him, "Rabī, Hē hū wuz witt yū bi-yond thu Jōrdun, tu hūm yū bōr witnus—bi-hōld, Hē iz baptīzing, and aul or kuming tu Him!"
        27 Jon ansurd and sed, "U man kan res*ēv nu-tting unl*es it haz ben givun tu him frum hevun.
        28 "Yū yur-selvz ber mē witnus, that Ī sed, 'Ī am not thu Krīst,' but, 'Ī hav ben sent bi-fōr Him.'
        29 "Hē hū haz thu brīd iz thu brīd-grūm; but thu frend uv thu brīd-grūm, hū standz and hirz him, re-joisuz grātlē bi-kuz uv thu brīd-grūm'z vois. Ther-fōr this joi uv mīn iz fool-fild.
        30 "Hē must inkrēs, but Ī must dēkrēs.
        31 "Hē hū kumz frum ub*uv iz ub*uv aul; hē hū iz uv thē urtt iz urttlē and spēks uv thē urtt. Hē hū kumz frum hevun iz ub*uv aul.
        32 "And hwut Hē haz sēn and hurd, that Hē testifīz; and nō 1 res*ēvz Hiz testimōnē.
        33 "Hē hū haz res*ēvd Hiz testimōnē haz surtifīd that God iz trū.
        34 "Fōr Hē hūm God haz sent spēks thu wurdz uv God, fōr God duz not giv thu Spirit bī mezhur.
        35 "Thu Fothur luvz thu Sun, and haz givun aul ttingz in-tu Hiz hand.
        36 "Hē hū bel*ēvz in thu Sun haz evur-lasting līf; and hē hū duz not bel*ēv thu Sun wil not sē līf, but thu ratt uv God u-bīdz on him."

Chaptur 4

U Sum*aritun [Samaritan] Woomun Mēts Hur Mes*īu

Ther-fōr, hwen thu Lōrd nū that thu Farisēz had hurd that Jēzus mād and baptīzd mōr dis*īpulz than Jon
        2 (thō Jēzus Him-self did not baptīz, but Hiz dis*īpulz),
        3 Hē left Jūd*ēu and dep*ortud ug*en tu Galilē.
        4 But Hē nēdud tu gō ttrū Sum*arēu [Samaria].
        5 Sō Hē kām tu u sitē uv Sum*arēu hwich iz kauld Sīkor (Sychar), nir thu plot uv ground that Jākub [Jacob] gāv tu hiz sun Jōsuf.
        6 Nou Jākub'z [Jacob's] wel wuz ther. Jēzus ther-fōr, bēing wirēd frum Hiz jurnē, sat thus bī thu wel. It wuz u-bout thu 6tt ouur.
        7 U woomun uv Sum*arēu kām tu drau wautur. Jēzus sed tu hur, "Giv Mē u drink."
        8 Fōr Hiz dis*īpulz had gaun u-wā in-tu thu sitē tu bī fūd.
        9 Then thu woomun uv Sum*arēu sed tu Him, "Hou iz it that Yū, bēing u Jū, ask u drink frum mē, u Sum*aritun woomun?" Fōr Jūz hav nō dēlingz witt Sum*aritunz [Samaritans].
        10 Jēzus ansurd and sed tu hur, "If yū nū thu gift uv God, and hū it iz hū sez tu yū, 'Giv Mē u drink,' yū wood hav askt Him, and Hē wood hav givun yū living wautur."
        11 Thu woomun sed tu Him, "Sur, Yū hav nu-tting tu drau witt, and thu wel iz dēp. Hwer then dū Yū get that living wautur?
        12 "Or Yū grātur than our fothur Jākub, hū gāv us thu wel, and drank frum it him-self, az wel az hiz sunz and hiz līv-stok?"
        13 Jēzus ansurd and sed tu hur, "Hū-evur drinks uv this wautur wil tturst ug*en,
        14 "but hū-evur drinks uv thu wautur that Ī shal giv him wil nevur tturst. But thu wautur that Ī shal giv him wil bi-kum in him u wel uv wautur springing up in-tu evur-lasting līf."

        15 Thu woomun sed tu Him, "Sur, giv mē this wautur, that Ī mā not tturst, nōr kum hir tu drau."
        16 Jēzus sed tu hur, "Gō, kaul yur huzbund, and kum hir."
        17 Thu woomun ansurd and sed, "Ī hav nō huzbund." Jēzus sed tu hur, "Yū hav wel sed, 'Ī hav nō huzbund,'
        18 "fōr yū hav had 5 huzbundz, and thu 1 hūm yū nou hav iz not yur huzbund; in that yū spōk trūlē."

        19 Thu woomun sed tu Him, "Sur, Ī purs*ēv that Yū or u profut.
        20 "Our fothurz wurshipt on this mountun, and yū sā that in Jer*ūsulum iz thu plās hwer 1 aut tu wurship."
        21 Jēzus sed tu hur, "Woomun, bel*ēv Mē, thē ouur iz kuming hwen yū wil nēthur on this mountun, nōr in Jer*ūsulum, wurship thu Fothur.
        22 "Yū wurship hwut yū dū not nō; wē nō hwut wē wurship, fōr salv*āshun iz uv thu Jūz.
        23 "But thē ouur iz kuming, and nou iz, hwen thu trū wurshipurz wil wurship thu Fothur in spirit and trūtt; fōr thu Fothur iz sēking such tu wurship Him.
        24 "God iz Spirit, and thōz hū wurship Him must wurship Him in spirit and trūtt."

        25 Thu woomun sed tu Him, Ī nō that Mes*īu iz kuming" (hū iz kauld Krīst). "Hwen Hē kumz, Hē wil tel us aul ttingz."
        26 Jēzus sed tu hur, "Ī hū spēk tu yū am Hē."

Thu Hwītund Horvest

        27 And at this point Hiz dis*īpulz kām, and thā morvuld that Hē taukt witt u woomun; yet nō 1 sed, "Hwut dū Yū sēk?" ōr, "Hwī or Yū tauking witt hur?"
        28 Thu woomun then left hur waturpot, went hur wā in-tu thu sitē, and sed tu thu men,
        29 "Kum, sē u Man hū tōld mē aul ttingz that Ī evur did. Kood this bē thu Krīst?"
        30 Then thā went out uv thu sitē and kām tu Him.
        31 In thu mēn-tīm Hiz dis*īpulz urjd Him, sāing, "Rabī, ēt."
        32 But Hē sed tu them, "Ī hav fūd tu ēt uv hwich yū dū not nō."
        33 Ther-fōr thu dis*īpulz sed tu 1 un-uthur, "Haz enē-1 braut Him enē-thing tu ēt?"
        34 Jēzus sed tu them, "Mī fūd iz tu dū thu wil uv Him hū sent Mē, and tu finish Hiz wurk.
        35 "Dū yū not sā, 'Ther or stil 4 muntts and then kumz thu horvest'? Bi-hōld, Ī sā tu yū, lift up yur īz and look at thu fēldz, fōr ttā or aul-redē hwīt fōr horvest!
        36 "And hē hū rēps res*ēvz wājuz, and gathurz frūt fōr et*urnul līf, that bōtt hē hū sōz and hē hū rēps mā re-jois tug*ethur.
        37 "Fōr in this thu sāing iz trū: '1 sōz and un-uthur rēps.'
        38 Ī sent yū tu rēp that fōr hwich yū hav not lāburd; uthur men hav lāburd, and yū hav enturd in-tu thar lāburz."

Thu Sāvyur uv thu Wurld

        39 And menē uv thu Sum*aritunz uv that sitē bel*ēvd in Him bi-kuz uv thu wurd uv thu woomun hū testifīd, "Hē tōld mē aul that Ī evur did."
        40 Sō hwen thu Sum*aritunz had kum tu Him, thā urjd Him tu stā witt them; and Hē stād ther 2 dāz.
        41 And menē mōr bel*ēvd bi-kuz uv Hiz ōn wurd.
        42 And thā sed tu thu woomun, "Nou wē bel*ēv, not bi-kuz uv hwut yū sed, fōr wē hav hurd fōr our-selvz and nō that this iz in-dēd thu Krīst, thu Sāvyur uv thu wurld."

Wel-kum at GaIilē

        43 Nou aftur thu 2 dāz Hē dep*ortud frum ther and went tu Galilē.
        44 Fōr Jēzus Him-self testifīd that u profut haz nō onur in hiz ōn kuntrē.
        45 Then, hwen Hē kām tu Galilē, thu Galil*ēunz (Galileans) res*ēvd Him, having sēn aul ttingz Hē did in Jer*ūsulum at thu fēst; fōr thā aul-sō had gaun tu thu fēst.

U Nōbul-mun'z Sun Hēld

        46 Sō Jēzus kām ug*en tu Kānu uv Galilē hwer Hē had mād thu wautur wīn. And ther wuz u surtun nōbul-mun hūz sun wuz sik at Kup*urāum.
        47 Hwen hē hurd that Jēzus had kum out uv Jūd*ēu in-tu Galilē, hē went tu Him and begd Him tu kum doun and hēl hiz sun, fōr hē wuz at thu point uv dett.
        48 Then Jēzus sed tu him, "Unl*es yū sē sīnz and wundurz, yū wil bī nō mēnz bel*ēv."
        49 Thu nōbul-mun sed tu Him, "Sur, kum doun bi-fōr mī chīld dīz!"
        50 Jēzus sed tu him, "Gō yur wā; yur sun livz." And thu man bel*ēvd thu wurd that Jēzus spōk tu him, and hē went hiz wā.
        51 And az hē wuz nou gōing doun, hiz survunts met him and tōld him, sāing, "Yur sun livz!"
        52 Then hē in-qīrd uv them thē ouur hwen hē got betur. And thā sed tu him, "Yestur-dā at thu 7tt ouur thu fēvur left him."
        53 Sō thu fothur nū that it wuz at thu sām ouur in hwich Jēzus sed tu him, "Yur sun livz." And hē him-self bel*ēvd, and hiz hōl hous-hōld.
        54 This ug*en iz thu sekund sīn that Jēzus did hwen Hē had kum out uv Jūd*ēu in-tu Galilē.

Chaptur 5

U Man Hēld at thu Pūl uv Bett*ezdu [Bethesda]

Aftur this ther wuz u fēst uv thu Jūz, and Jēzus went up tu Jer*ūsulum.
        2 Nou ther iz in Jer*ūsulum bī thu Shēp Gāt u pūl, hwich iz kauld in Hēbrū [Hebrew], Bett*ezdu, having 5 pōrchuz.
        3 In thēz lā u grāt multitūd uv sik pēpul, blīnd, lām, parulīzd, wāting fōr thu mūving uv thu wautur.
        4 Fōr an ānjul went doun at u surtun tīm in-tu thu pūl and sturd up thu wautur; then hū-evur stept in 1st, aftur thu sturing uv thu wautur, wuz mād wel uv hwut-evur diz-ēz hē had.
        5 And u surtun man wuz ther hū had an in-furmitē 30-8 yirz.
        6 Hwen Jēzus sau him līing ther, and nū that hē aul-redē had ben in that kund*ishun u laung tīm; Hē sed tu him, "Dū yū wont tu bē mād wel?"
        7 Thu sik man ansurd Him, "Sur, Ī hav nō man tu poot mē in-tu thu pūl hwen thu wautur iz sturd up; but hwīl Ī am kuming, un-uthur steps doun bi-fōr mē."
        8 Jēzus sed tu him, "Rīz, tāk up yur bed and wauk."
        9 And i-mēdēutlē thu man wuz mād wel, took up hiz bed, and waukt. And that dā wuz thu Sabatt.
        10 Thu Jūz ther-fōr sed tu him hū wuz kyurd, "It iz thu Sabatt; it iz not lau-fool fōr yū tu karē yur bed."
        11 Hē ansurd them, "Hē hū mād mē wel sed tu mē, ' Tāk up yur bed and wauk.' "
        12 Then thā askt him, "Hū iz thu Man hū sed tu yū, ' Tāk up yur bed and wauk'?"
        13 And thu 1 hū wuz hēld did not nō hū it wuz, fōr Jēzus had witt-draun, u multitūd bēing in that plās.
        14 Afturwurd Jēzus found him in thu tempul, and sed tu him, "Sē, yū hav ben mād wel. Sin nō mōr, lest u wurs tting kum up-on yū."
        15 Thu man dep*ortud and tōld thu Jūz that it wuz Jēzus hū had mād him wel.

Fothur and Sun: Thu Div*īn Kō-Wurkurz

        16 And ther-fōr thu Jūz pursekyūtud Jēzus, and saut tu kil Him, bi-kuz Hē had dun thēz ttingz on thu Sabatt.
        17 But Jēzus ansurd them, "Mī Fothur haz ben wurking unt*il nou, and Ī hav ben wurking."
        18 Ther-fōr thu Jūz saut aul thu mōr tu kil Him, bi-kuz Hē not ōnlē brōk thu Sabatt, but aul-sō sed that God wuz Hiz Fothur, māking Him-self ēqul witt God.
        19 Then Jēzus ansurd and sed tu them, "Mōst u-shurudlē, Ī sā tu yū, thu Sun kan dū nu-tting uv Him-self, but hwut Hē sēz thu Fothur dū; fōr hwut-evur Hē duz, thu Sun aul-sō duz in līk manur.
        20 "Fōr thu Fothur luvz thu Sun, and shōz Him aul ttingz that Hē Him-self duz; and Hē wil shō Him grātur wurks than thēz, that yū mā morvul.
        21 "Fōr az thu Fothur rāzuz thu ded and givz līf tu them, ēvun sō thu Sun givz līf tu hūm Hē Wil.
        22 "Fōr thu Fothur jujuz nō 1, but haz kum*itud aul jujmunt tu thu Sun,
        23 "that aul shood onur thu Sun just az thā onur thu Fothur. Hē hū duz not onur thu Sun duz not onur thu Fothur hū sent Him.

Līf and jujmunt Or ttrū thu Sun

        24 "Mōst u-shurudlē, Ī sā tu yū, hē hū hirz Mī wurd and bel*ēvz in Him hū sent Mē haz evur-lasting līf, and shal not kum in-tu jujmunt, but haz past frum dett in-tu līf.
        25 "Mōst u-shurudlē, Ī sā tu yū, thē ouur iz kuming, and nou iz, hwen thu ded wil hir thu vois uv thu Sun uv God; and thōz hū hir wil liv.
        26 "Fōr az thu Fothur haz līf in Him-self, sō Hē haz givun tu thu Sun tu hav līf in Him-self,
        27 "and haz givun Him autt*ōritē tu exekyūt jujmunt aul-sō, bi-kuz Hē iz thu Sun uv Man.
        28 "Dū not morvul at this; fōr thē ouur iz kuming in hwich aul hū or in thu grāvz wil hir Hiz vois
        29 "and kum fōrtt—thōz hū hav dun good, tu thu rezur*ekshun uv līf, and thōz hū hav dun ēvul, tu thu rezur*ekshun uv kondemn*āshun.
        30 Ī kan uv Mī-self dū nu-tting. Az Ī hir, Ī juj; and Mī jujmunt iz rīchus, bi-kuz Ī dū not sēk Mī ōn wil but thu wil uv thu Fothur hū sent Mē.

Thu 4-fōld Witnus

        31 "If Ī ber witnus uv Mī-self, Mī witnus iz not trū.
        32 "Ther iz un-uthur hū berz witnus uv Mē, and Ī nō that thu witnus hwich Hē witnusuz uv Mē iz trū.
        33 "Yū sent tu Jon, and hē bōr witnus tu thu trūtt.
        34 "Yet Ī dū not res*ēv testimōnē frum man, but Ī sā thēz ttingz that yū mā bē sāvd.
        35 "Hē wuz thu burning and shīning lamp, and yū wur wiling fōr u tīm tu re-jois in hiz līt.
        36 "But Ī hav u grātur witnus than Jon'z; fōr thu wurks hwich thu Fothur haz givun Mē tu finish—thu verē wurks that Ī dū—ber witnus uv Mē, that thu Fothur haz sent Mē.
        37 "And thu Fothur Him-self, hū sent Mē, haz testifīd uv Mē. Yū hav nēthur hurd Hiz vois at enē tīm, nōr sēn Hiz fōrm.
        38 "And yū dū not hav Hiz wurd u-bīding in yū, bi-kuz hūm Hē sent, Him yū dū not bel*ēv.
        39 "Yū surch thu Skripchurz, fōr in them yū ttink yū hav et*urnul līf; and thēz or thā hwich testifī uv Mē.
        40 "And yū or not wiling tu kum tu Mē that yū mā hav līf.
        41 Ī dū not res*ēv onur frum men.
        42 "But Ī nō yū, that yū dū not hav thu luv uv God in yū.
        43 Ī hav kum in Mī Fothur'z nām, and yū dū not res*ēv Mē; if un-uthur kumz in hiz ōn nām, him yū wil res*ēv.
        44 "Hou kan yū bel*ēv, hū res*ēv onur frum 1 un-uthur, and dū not sēk thē onur that kumz frum thu ōnlē God?
        45 "Dū not ttink that Ī shal uk*yūz yū tu thu Fothur; ther iz 1 hū uk*yūzuz yū—Mōzus, in hūm yū trust.
        46 "Fōr if yū bel*ēvd Mōzus, yū wood bel*ēv Mē; fōr hē rōt u-bout Mē.
        47 "But if yū dū not bel*ēv hiz rītingz, hou wil yū bel*ēv Mī wurdz?"

Chaptur 6

Fēding thu 5 1000

Aftur thēz ttingz Jēzus went ōvur thu Sē uv Galilē, hwich iz thu Sē uv Tīb*irēus [Tiberias].
        2 And u grāt multitūd folōd Him, bi-kuz thā sau Hiz sīnz hwich Hē purf*ōrmd on thōz hū wur diz-ēzd.
        3 And Jēzus went up on u mountun, and ther Hē sat witt Hiz dis*īpulz.
        4 And thu Pas-ōvur, u fēst uv thu Jūz, wuz nir.
        5 Then Jēzus liftud up Hiz īz, and sēing u grāt multitūd kuming taurd Him, Hē sed tu Filip, "Hwer shal wē bī bred, that thēz mā ēt?"
        6 And this Hē sed tu test him, fōr Hē Him-self nū hwut Hē wood dū.
        7 Filip ansurd Him, "2 100 den*arēī wurtt uv bred iz not suf*ishunt fōr them, that evrē 1 uv them mā get u litul."
        8 1 uv Hiz dis*īpulz, Andrū, Sīmun Pētur'z bruthur, sed tu Him,
        9 "Ther iz u lad hir hū haz 5 borlē lōvz and 2 smaul fish, but hwut or thā um*ung sō menē?"
        10 And Jēzus sed, "Māk thu pēpul sit doun." Nou ther wuz much gras in thu plās. Sō thu men sat doun, in numbur u-bout 5 1000.
        11 And Jēzus took thu lōvz, and hwen Hē had givun ttanks Hē distr*ibyutud them tu thu dis*īpulz, and thu dis*īpulz tu thōz siting doun; and līkwīz uv thu fish, az much az thā wontud.
        12 And hwen thā wur fild, Hē sed tu Hiz dis*īpulz, "Gathur up thu fragmunts that rem*ān, sō that nu-tting iz laust."
        13 Ther-fōr thā gathurd them up, and fild 12 baskuts witt thu fragmunts uv thu 5 borlē lōvz hwich wur left ōvur bī thōz hū had ētun.
        14 Then thōz men, hwen thā had sēn thu sīn that Jēzus did, sed, "This iz trūlē thu Profut hū iz tu kum in-tu thu wurld."

Jēzus Wauks on thu Sē

        15 Ther-fōr hwen Jēzus purs*ēvd that thā wur u-bout tu kum and tāk Him bī fōrs tu māk Him king, Hē dep*ortud ug*en tu u mountun bī Him-self u-lōn.
        16 And hwen ēvning kām, Hiz dis*īpulz went doun tu thu sē,
        17 got in-tu thu bōt, and went ōvur thu sē taurd Kup*urāum. And it wuz nou dork, and Jēzus had not kum tu them.
        18 And thu sē u-rōz bi-kuz u grāt wind wuz blōing.
        19 Sō hwen thā had rōd u-bout 3 ōr 4 mīlz, thā sau Jēzus wauking on thu sē and drauing nir thu bōt; and thā wur ufr*ād.
        20 But Hē sed tu them, "It iz Ī; dū not bē ufr*ād."
        21 Then thā wilinglē res*ēvd Him in-tu thu bōt, and i-mēdēutlē thu bōt wuz at thu land hwer thā wur gōing.

Thu Bred frum Hevun

        22 Thu folōing dā, hwen thu pēpul hū stood on thē uthur sīd uv thu sē sau that ther wuz nō uthur bōt ther, ex*ept that 1 hwich Hiz dis*īpulz had enturd, and that Jēzus had not enturd thu bōt witt Hiz dis*īpulz, but Hiz dis*īpulz had gaun u-wā u-lōn—
        23 hou-evur, uthur bōts kām frum Tīb*irēus, nir thu plās hwer thā āt bred aftur thu Lōrd had givun ttanks—
        24 hwen thu pēpul ther-fōr sau that Jēzus wuz not ther, nōr Hiz dis*īpulz, thā aul-sō got in-tu bōts and kām tu Kup*urāum, sēking Jēzus.
        25 And hwen thā had found Him on thē uthur sīd uv thu sē, thā sed tu Him, "Rabī, hwen did Yū kum hir?"
        26 Jēzus ansurd them and sed, "Mōst u-shurudlē, Ī sā tu yū, yū sēk Mē, not bi-kuz yū sau thu sīnz, but bi-kuz yū āt uv thu lōvz and wur fild.
        27 "Dū not lābur fōr thu fūd hwich perishuz, but fōr thu fūd hwich en-durz tu evur-lasting līf, hwich thu Sun uv Man wil giv yū, bi-kuz God thu Fothur haz set Hiz sēl on Him."

        28 Then thā sed tu Him, "Hwut shal wē dū, that wē mā wurk thu wurks uv God?"
        29 Jēzus ansurd and sed tu them, "This iz thu wurk uv God, that yū bel*ēv in Him hūm Hē sent."
        30 Ther-fōr thā sed tu Him, "Hwut sīn wil Yū purf*ōrm then, that wē mā sē it and bel*ēv Yū? Hwut wurk wil Yū dū?
        31 "Our fothurz āt thu manu in thu dezurt; az it iz ritun, 'Hē gāv them bred frum hevun tu ēt.' "
        32 Then Jēzus sed tu them, "Mōst u-shurudlē, Ī sā tu yū, Mōzus did not giv yū thu bred frum hevun, but Mī Fothur givz yū thu trū bred frum hevun.
        33 "Fōr thu bred uv God iz Hē hū kumz doun frum hevun and givz līf tu thu wurld."
        34 Then thā sed tu Him, "Lōrd, aul-wāz giv us this bred."
        35 And Jēzus sed tu them, "Ī am thu bred uv līf. Hē hū kumz tu Mē shal nevur hunggur, and hē hū bel*ēvz in Mē shal nevur tturst.
        36 "But Ī sed tu yū that yū aul-sō hav sēn Mē and dū not bel*ēv.
        37 "Aul that thu Fothur givz Mē wil kum tu Mē, and thu 1 hū kumz tu Mē Ī wil bī nō mēnz kast out.
        38 "Fōr Ī kām doun frum hevun, not tu dū Mī ōn wil, but thu wil uv Him hū sent Mē.
        39 "And this iz thu wil uv thu Fothur hū sent Mē, that uv aul Hē haz givun Mē Ī shood lūz nu-tting, but shood rāz it up at thu last dā.
        40 "And this iz thu wil uv Him hū sent Mē, that evrē-1 hū sēz thu Sun and bel*ēv in Him mā hav evur-lasting līf; and Ī wil rāz him up at thu last dā."

Rej*ektud bī Hiz Ōn

        41 Thu Jūz then murmurd ug*enst Him, bi-kuz Hē sed, "Ī am thu bred hwich kām doun frum hevun."
        42 And thā sed, "Iz not this Jēzus, thu sun uv Jōsuf, hūz fothur and muthur wē nō? Hou iz it then that Hē sez, 'Ī kām doun frum hevun'?"
        43 Jēzus ther-fōr ansurd and sed tu them, "Dū not murmur um*ung yur-selvz.
        44 "Nō 1 kan kum tu Mē unl*es thu Fothur hū sent Mē drauz him; and Ī wil rāz him up at thu last dā.
        45 "It iz ritun in thu profuts, 'And thā wil aul bē taut bī God.' Ther-fōr evrē-1 hū haz hurd and lurnud frum thu Fothur kumz tu Mē.
        46 "Not that enē-1 haz sēn thu Fothur, ex*ept Hē hū iz frum God; Hē haz sēn thu Fothur.
        47 "Mōst u-shurudlē, Ī sā tu yū, hē hū bel*ēvz in Mē haz evur-lasting līf.
        48 "Ī am thu bred uv līf.
        49 "Yur fothurz āt thu manu in thu wildurnus, and or ded.
        50 "This iz thu bred hwich kumz doun frum hevun, that u man mā ēt uv it and not dī.
        51 "Ī am thu living bred hwich kām doun frum hevun. If enē-1 ēts uv this bred, hē wil liv fōr-evur; and thu bred that Ī shal giv iz Mī flesh, hwich Ī shal giv fōr thu līf uv thu wurld."

        52 Thu Jūz ther-fōr qauruld um*ung them-selvz, sāing, "Hou kan this Man giv us Hiz flesh tu ēt?"
        53 Then Jēzus sed tu them, "Mōst u-shurudlē, Ī sā tu yū, unl*es yū ēt thu flesh uv thu Sun uv Man and drink Hiz blud, yū hav nō līf in yū.
        54 "Hū-evur ēts Mī flesh and drinks Mī blud haz et*urnul līf, and Ī wil rāz him up at thu last dā.
        55 "Fōr Mī flesh iz fūd in-dēd, and Mī blud iz drink in-dēd.
        56 "Hē hū ēts Mī flesh and drinks Mī blud dwelz in Mē, and Ī in him.
        57 "Az thu living Fothur sent Mē, and Ī liv bi-kuz uv thu Fothur, sō hē hū fēdz on Mē wil liv bi-kuz uv Mē.
        58 "This iz thu bred hwich kām doun frum hevun, not az yur fothurz āt thu manu, and or ded. Hē hū ēts this bred wil liv fōr-evur."

        59 Thēz ttingz Hē sed in thu sinugog az Hē taut in Kup*urāum.

Menē Dis*īpulz Turn U-wā

        60 Ther-fōr menē uv Hiz dis*īpulz, hwen thā hurd this, sed, "This iz u hord sāing; hū kan undur-stand it?"
        61 Hwen Jēzus nū in Him-self that Hiz dis*īpulz murmurd u-bout this, Hē sed tu them, "Duz this uf*end yū?
        62 "Hwut then if yū shood sē thu Sun uv Man us*end hwer Hē wuz bi-fōr?
        63 "It iz thu Spirit hū givz līf; thu flesh profits nu-tting. Thu wurdz that Ī spēk tu yū or spirit, and thā or līf.
        64 "But ther or sum uv yū hū dū not bel*ēv."
Fōr Jēzus nū frum thu big*ining hū thā wur hū did not bel*ēv, and hū wood betr*ā Him.
        65 And Hē sed, "Ther-fōr Ī sed tu yū that nō 1 kan kum tu Mē unl*es it haz ben givun tu him frum Mī Fothur."
        66 Frum that tīm menē uv Hiz dis*īpulz went bak and waukt witt Him nō mōr.
        67 Then Jēzus sed tu thu 12, "Dū yū aul-sō wont tu gō u-wā?"
        68 Then Sīmun Pētur ansurd Him, "Lōrd, tu hūm shal wē gō? Yū hav thu wurdz uv et*urnul līf.
        69 "And wē bel*ēv and or shur that Yū or thu Krīst, thu Sun uv thu living God."
        70 Jēzus ansurd them, "Hav Ī not chōzun yū, thu 12, and 1 uv yū iz u devul?"
        71 Hē spōk uv Jūdus [Judas] Isk*arēut [Iscariot], thu sun uv Sīmun, fōr it wuz hē hū wood betr*ā Him, bēing 1 uv thu 12.

Chaptur 7

Jēzus' Bruthurz Dis-bel*ēv

Aftur thēz ttingz Jēzus waukt in Galilē; fōr Hē did not wont tu wauk in Jūd*ēu, bi-kuz thu Jūz saut tu kil Him.
        2 Nou thu Jūz' Fēst uv Taburnakulz wuz at hand.
        3 Hiz bruthurz ther-fōr sed tu Him, "Dep*ort frum hir and gō in-tu Jūd*ēu, that Yur dis*īpulz aul-sō mā sē thu wurks that Yū or dūing.
        4 "Fōr nō 1 duz enē-thing in sēkrut hwīl hē him-self sēks tu bē nōn ōpunlē. If Yū dū thēz ttingz, shō Yur-self tu thu wurld."
        5 Fōr not ēvun Hiz bruthurz bel*ēvd in Him.
        6 Then Jēzus sed tu them, "Mī tīm haz not yet kum, but yur tīm iz aul-wāz redē.
        7 "Thu wurld kan not hāt yū, but it hāts Mē bi-kuz Ī testifī uv it that its wurks or ēvul.
        8 "Yū gō up tu this fēst. Ī am not yet gōing up tu this fēst, fōr Mī tīm haz not yet foollē kum."

        9 Hwen Hē had sed thēz wurdz tu them, Hē rem*ānd in Galilē.

Thu Hevunlē Skolur

        10 But hwen Hiz bruthurz had gaun up, then Hē aul-sō went up tu thu fēst, not ōpunlē, but az it wur in sēkrut.
        11 Then thu Jūz saut Him at thu fēst, and sed, "Hwer iz Hē?"
        12 And ther wuz much murmuring um*ung thu pēpul kuns*urning Him, fōr sum sed, "Hē iz u good Man"; uthurz sed, "Nō, on thu kontrarē, Hē des*ēvz thu pēpul."
        13 Hou-evur, nō 1 spōk ōpunlē uv Him fōr fir uv thu Jūz.
        14 Nou u-bout thu midul uv thu fēst Jēzus went up in-tu thu tempul and taut.
        15 And thu Jūz morvuld, sāing, "Hou duz this Man nō leturz, nevur having studēd?"
        16 Jēzus ansurd them and sed, "Mī doktrin iz not Mīn, but Hiz hū sent Mē.
        17 "If enē-1 wonts tu dū Hiz Wil, hē shal nō kuns*urning thu doktrin, hwethur it iz frum God ōr hwethur Ī spēk uv Mī-self.
        18 "Hē hū spēks frum him-self sēks hiz ōn glōrē; but Hē hū sēks thu glōrē uv thu 1 hū sent Him iz trū, and nō un-rīchusnus iz in Him.
        19 "Did not Mōzus giv yū thu lau, and yet nun uv yū kēps thu lau? Hwī dū yū sēk tu kil Mē?"

        20 Thu pēpul ansurd and sed, "Yū hav u dēmun. Hū iz sēking tu kil Yū?"
        21 Jēzus ansurd and sed tu them, "Ī hav dun 1 wurk, and yū aul morvul.
        22 "Mōzus ther-fōr gāv yū surkums*izhun (not that it iz frum Mōzus, but frum thu fothurz), and yū surkumsīz u man on thu Sabatt.
        23 "If u man res*ēvz surkums*izhun on thu Sabatt, that thu lau uv Mōzus shood not bē brōkun, or yū anggrē witt Mē bi-kuz Ī hav mād u man kumpl*ētlē wel on thu Sabatt?
        24 "Dū not juj uk*ōrding tu u-piruns, but juj witt rīchus jujmunt."

Kood This Bē thu Krīst?

        25 Then sum uv them frum Jer*ūsulum sed, "Iz this not Hē hūm thā sēk tu kil?
        26 "But look! Hē spēks bōldlē, and thā sā nu-tting tu Him. Dū thu rūlurz nō in-dēd that this iz trūlē thu Krīst?
        27 "Hou-evur, wē nō hwer this Man iz frum; but hwen thu Krīst kumz, nō 1 nōz hwer Hē iz frum."
        28 Then Jēzus krīd out, az Hē taut in thu tempul, sāing, "Yū bōtt nō Mē, and yū nō hwer Ī am frum; and Ī hav not kum uv Mī-self, but Hē hū sent Mē iz trū, hūm yū dū not nō.
        29 "But Ī nō Him, fōr Ī am frum Him, and Hē haz sent Mē."

        30 Then thā saut tu tāk Him; but nō 1 lād handz on Him, bi-kuz Hiz ouur had not yet kum.
        31 And menē uv thu pēpul bel*ēvd in Him, and sed, "Hwen thu Krīst kumz, wil Hē dū mōr sīnz than thēz hwich this Man haz dun?"

Jēzus and thu Rel*ijus Lēdurz

        32 Thu Farisēz hurd that thu pēpul murmurd such ttingz kuns*urning Him, and thu Farisēz and thu chēf prēsts sent aufisurz tu tāk Him.
        33 Then Jēzus sed tu them, Ī shal bē witt yū u litul hwīl launggur, and then Ī gō tu Him hū sent Mē.
        34 "Yū wil sēk Mē and not fīnd Mē, and hwer Ī am yū kan not kum."

        35 Then thu Jūz sed um*ung them-selvz, "Hwer duz Hē int*end tu gō that wē shal not fīnd Him? Duz Hē int*end tu gō tu thu Disp*urzhun um*ung thu Grēks [Greeks] and tēch thu Grēks?
        36 "Hwut iz this tting that Hē sed, 'Yū wil sēk Mē and not fīnd Mē, and hwer Ī am yū kan not kum'?"

Thu Promis uv thu Hōlē Spirit

        37 On thu last dā, that grāt dā uv thu fēst, Jēzus stood and krīd out, sāing, "If enē-1 ttursts, let him kum tu Mē and drink.
        38 "Hē hū bel*ēvz in Mē, az thu Skripchur haz sed, out uv hiz hort wil flō rivurz uv living wautur."

        39 But this Hē spōk kuns*urning thu Spirit, hūm thōz hū bel*ēv in Him wood res*ēv; fōr thu Hōlē Spirit wuz not yet givun, bi-kuz Jēzus wuz not yet glōrifīd.

Hū Iz Hē?

        40 Ther-fōr menē frum thu kroud, hwen thā hurd this sāing, sed, "Trūlē this iz thu Profut."
        41 Uthurz sed, "This iz thu Krīst," but sum sed, "Wil thu Krīst kum out uv Galilē?
        42 "Haz not thu Skripchur sed that thu Krīst kumz frum thu sēd uv Dāvid and frum thu toun uv Bettluhem [Bethlehem], hwer Dāvid wuz?"
        43 Sō ther wuz u div*izhun um*ung thu pēpul bi-kuz uv Him.
        44 And sum uv them wontud tu tāk Him, but nō 1 lād handz on Him.

Rej*ektud bī thē Autt*ōritēz

        45 Then thē aufisurz kām tu thu chēf prēsts and Farisēz, hū sed tu them, "Hwī hav yū not braut Him?"
        46 Thu aufisurz ansurd, "Nō man evur spōk līk this Man!"
        47 Then thu Farisēz ansurd them, "Or yū aul-sō des*ēvd?
        48 "Hav enē uv thu rūlurz ōr thu Farisēz bel*ēvd in Him?
        49 "But this kroud that duz not nō thu lau iz u-kurst."
        50 Nikud*ēmus (hē hū kām tu Jēzus bī nīt, bēing 1 uv them) sed tu them,
        51 "Duz our lau juj u man bi-fōr it hirz him and nōz hwut hē iz dūing?"
        52 Thā ansurd and sed tu him, "Or yū aul-sō frum Galilē? Surch and look, fōr nō profut haz u-rizun out uv Galilē."

An Ud*ultres bi-fōr thu Līt uv thu Wurld

        53 And evrē-1 went tu hiz ōn hous.

Chaptur 8

But Jēzus went tu thu Mount uv Olivz.
        2 And urlē in thu mōrning Hē kām ug*en in-tu thu tempul, and aul thu pēpul kām tu Him; and Hē sat doun and taut them.
        3 And thu skrībz and Farisēz braut tu Him u woomun kaut in ud*ulturē. And hwen thā had set hur in thu midst,
        4 thā sed tu Him, "Tēchur, this woomun wuz kaut in ud*ulturē, in thu verē akt.
        5 "Nou Mōzus, in thu lau, kum*andud us that such shood bē stōnd. But hwut dū Yū sā?"
        6 This thā sed, testing Him, that thā mīt hav sum-tting uv hwich tu uk*yūz Him. But Jēzus stūpt doun and rōt on thu ground witt Hiz finggur, az thō Hē did not hir.
        7 Sō hwen thā kunt*inyūd asking Him, Hē rāzd Him-self up and sed tu them, "Hē hū iz witt-out sin um*ung yū, let him ttrō u stōn at hur 1st."
        8 And ug*en Hē stūpt doun and rōt on thu ground.
        9 And thōz hū hurd it, bēing kunv*iktud bī thar ōn konchuns, went out 1 bī 1, big*ining witt thu ōldest ēvun tu thu last. And Jēzus wuz left u-lōn, and thu woomun standing in thu midst.
        10 Hwen Jēzus had rāzd Him-self up and sau nō 1 but thu woomun, Hē sed tu hur, "Woomun, hwer or thōz uk*yūzurz uv yurz? Haz nō 1 kund*emd yū?"
        11 Shē sed, "Nō 1, Lōrd." And Jēzus sed tu hur, "Nēthur dū Ī kund*em yū; gō and sin nō mōr."
        12 Then Jēzus spōk tu them ug*en, sāing, "Ī am thu līt uv thu wurld. Hē hū folōz Mē shal not wauk in dorknus, but hav thu līt uv līf."

Jēzus De-fendz Hiz Self-Witnus

        13 Thu Farisēz ther-fōr sed tu Him, "Yū ber witnus uv Yur-self; Yur witnus iz not trū."
        14 Jēzus ansurd and sed tu them, "Ēvun if Ī ber witnus uv Mī-self, Mī witnus iz trū, fōr Ī nō hwer Ī kām frum and hwer Ī am gōing; but yū dū not nō hwer Ī kum frum and hwer Ī am gōing.
        15 "Yū juj uk*ōrding tu thu flesh; Ī juj nō 1.
        16 "And yet if Ī dū juj, Mī jujmunt iz trū; fōr Ī am not u-lōn, but Ī and thu Fothur hū sent Mē.
        17 "It iz aul-sō ritun in yur lau that thu testimōnē uv 2 men iz trū.
        18 "Ī am 1 hū berz witnus uv Mī-self, and thu Fothur hū sent Mē berz witnus uv Mē."

        19 Then thā sed tu Him, "Hwer iz Yur Fothur?" Jēzus ansurd, "Yū nō nēthur Mē nōr Mī Fothur. If yū had nōn Mē, yū wood hav nōn Mī Fothur aul-sō."
        20 Thēz wurdz Jēzus spōk in thu trezhurē, az Hē taut in thu tempul; and nō 1 lād handz on Him, fōr Hiz ouur had not yet kum.

Jēzus Pred*ikts Hiz Dep*orchur

        21 Then Jēzus sed tu them ug*en, "Ī am gōing u-wā, and yū wil sēk Mē, and wil dī in yur sin. Hwer Ī gō yū kan not kum."
        22 Then thu Jūz sed, "Wil Hē kil Him-self, bi-kuz Hē sez, 'Hwer Ī gō yū kan not kum'?"
        23 And Hē sed tu them, "Yū or frum bi-nētt; Ī am frum ub*uv. Yū or uv this wurld; Ī am not uv thu wurld.
        24 "Ther-fōr Ī sed tu yū that yū wil dī in yur sinz; fōr if yū dū not bel*ēv that Ī am Hē, yū wil dī in yur sinz."

        25 Then thā sed tu Him, "Hū or Yū?" And Jēzus sed tu them, "Just hwut Ī hav ben sāing tu yū frum thu big*ining.
        26 "Ī hav menē ttingz tu sā and tu juj kuns*urning yū, but Hē hū sent Mē iz trū; and Ī spēk tu thu wurld thōz ttingz hwich Ī hav hurd frum Him."

        27 Thā did not undur-stand that Hē spōk tu them uv thu Fothur.
        28 Then Jēzus sed tu them, "Hwen yū hav liftud up thu Sun uv Man, then yū wil nō that Ī am Hē, and that Ī dū nu-tting uv Mī-self; but az Mī Fothur haz taut Mē, Ī spēk thēz ttingz.
        29 "And Hē hū sent Mē iz witt Mē. Thu Fothur haz not left Mē u-lōn, fōr Ī aul-wāz dū thōz ttingz that plēz Him."

Thu Trūtt Shal Māk Yū Frē

        30 Az Hē spōk thēz wurdz, menē bel*ēvd in Him.
        31 Then Jēzus sed tu thōz Jūz hū bel*ēvd Him, "If yū kunt*inyū in Mī wurd, then yū or Mī dis*īpulz in-dēd.
        32 "And yū shal nō thu trūtt, and thu trūtt shal māk yū frē."

        33 Thā ansurd Him, "Wē or Ābruham'z [Abraham's] des*endunts, and wur nevur in bonduj tu enē-1. Hou iz it that yū sā, 'Yū wil bē mād frē'?"
        34 Jēzus ansurd them, "Mōst u-shurudlē, Ī sā tu yū, hū-evur kum*its sin iz u slāv uv sin.
        35 "And u slāv duz not u-bīd in thu hous fōr-evur, but u sun u-bīdz fōr-evur.
        36 "Ther-fōr if thu Sun māks yū frē, yū shal bē frē in-dēd.

Ābruham'z Sēd and Sātun'z [Satan's]

        37 "Ī nō that yū or Ābruham'z des*endunts, but yū sēk tu kil Mē, bi-kuz Mī wurd haz nō plās in yū.
        38 "Ī spēk hwut Ī hav sēn witt Mī Fothur, and yū dū hwut yū hav sēn witt yur fothur."

        39 Thā ansurd and sed tu Him, "Ābruham [Abraham] iz our fothur." Jēzus sed tu them, "If yū wur Ābruham'z childrun, yū wood dū thu wurks uv Ābruham.
        40 "But nou yū sēk tu kil Mē, u Man hū haz tōld yū thu trūtt hwich Ī hav hurd frum God. Ābruham did not dū this.

        41 "Yū dū thu dēdz uv yur fothur." Then thā sed tu Him, "Wē wur not bōrn uv fōrnik*āshun; wē hav 1 Fothur—God."
        42 Jēzus sed tu them, "If God wur yur Fothur, yū wood luv Mē, fōr Ī prōs*ēdud fōrtt and kām frum God; nōr did Ī kum uv Mī-self, but Hē sent Mē.
        43 "Hwī dū yū not undur-stand Mī spēch? Bi-kuz yū or not ābul tu lisun tu Mī wurd.
        44 "Yū or uv yur fothur thu devul, and thu dez*īrz uv yur fothur yū wont tu dū. Hē wuz u murdurur frum thu big*ining, and duz not stand in thu trūtt, bi-kuz ther iz nō trūtt in him. Hwen hē spēks u lī, hē spēks frum hiz ōn rēsōrsuz, fōr hē iz u līur and thu fothur uv it.
        45 "And bi-kuz Ī tel yū thu trūtt, yū dū not bel*ēv Mē.
        46 "Hwich uv yū kunv*ikts Mē uv sin? And if Ī tel thu trūtt, hwī dū yū not bel*ēv Mē?
        47 "Hē hū iz uv God hirz God'z wurdz; ther-fōr yū dū not hir them, bi-kuz yū or not uv God."

Bi-fōr Ābruham Wuz, Ī AM

        48 Then thu Jūz ansurd and sed tu Him, "Dū wē not sā rītlē that Yū or u Sum*aritun and hav u dēmun?"
        49 Jēzus ansurd, "Ī dū not hav u dēmun; but Ī onur Mī Fothur, and yū dis-onur Mē.
        50 "And Ī dū not sēk Mī ōn glōrē; ther iz 1 hū sēks and jujuz.
        51 "Mōst u-shurudlē, Ī sā tu yū, if enē-1 kēps Mī wurd hē shal nevur sē dett."

        52 Then thu Jūz sed tu Him, "Nou wē nō that Yū hav u dēmun! Ābruham iz ded, and thu profuts; and Yū sā, 'If enē-1 kēps Mī wurd hē shal nevur tāst dett.'
        53 "Or Yū grātur than our fothur Ābruham, hū iz ded? And thu profuts or ded. Hūm dū Yū māk Yur-self out tu bē?"
        54 Jēzus ansurd, "If Ī onur Mī-self, Mī onur iz nu-tting. It iz Mī Fothur hū onurz Mē, uv hūm yū sā that Hē iz yur God.
        55 "Yet yū hav not nōn Him, but Ī nō Him. And if Ī sā, Ī dū not nō Him,' Ī shal bē u līur līk yū; but Ī dū nō Him and kēp Hiz wurd.
        56 "Yur fothur Ābruham re-joist tu sē Mī dā, and hē sau it and wuz glad."

        57 Then thu Jūz sed tu Him, "Yū or not yet 50 yirz ōld, and hav Yū sēn Ābruham?"
        58 Jēzus sed tu them, "Mōst u-shurudlē, Ī sā tu yū, bi-fōr Ābruham wuz, Ī AM."
        59 Then thā took up stōnz tu ttrō at Him; but Jēzus hid Him-self and went out uv thu tempul, gōing ttrū thu midst uv them, and sō past bī.

Chaptur 9

U Man Bōrn Blīnd Res*ēvz Sīt

And az Jēzus past bī, Hē sau u man hū wuz blīnd frum burtt.
        2 And Hiz dis*īpulz askt Him, sāing, "Rabī, hū sind, this man ōr hiz parunts, that hē wuz bōrn blīnd?"
        3 Jēzus ansurd, "Nēthur this man nōr hiz parunts sind, but that thu wurks uv God shood bē rev*ēld in him.
        4 "Ī must wurk thu wurks uv Him hū sent Mē hwīl it iz dā; thu nīt iz kuming hwen nō 1 kan wurk.
        5 "Az laung az Ī am in thu wurld, Ī am thu līt uv thu wurld."

        6 Hwen Hē had sed thēz ttingz, Hē spat on thu ground and mād klā witt thu sul*īvu; and Hē un*ointud thu īz uv thu blīnd man witt thu klā.
        7 And Hē sed tu him, "Gō, waush in thu pūl uv Sil*ōum (Siloam)" (hwich iz tranzlātud, Sent). Sō hē went hiz wā and wausht, and kām bak sēing.
        8 Ther-fōr thu nāburz and thōz hū prēvēuslē had sēn that hē wuz blīnd sed, "Iz not this hē hū sat and begd?"
        9 Sum sed, "This iz hē." Uthurz sed, "Hē iz līk him." Hē sed, "Ī am hē."
        10 Ther-fōr thā sed tu him, "Hou wur yur īz ōpund?"
        11 Hē ansurd and sed, "U Man kauld Jēzus mād klā and un*ointud mī īz and sed tu mē, 'Gō tu thu pūl uv Sil*ōum and waush.' And Ī went and wausht, and Ī res*ēvd sīt."
        12 Then thā sed tu him, "Hwer iz Hē?" Hē sed, "Ī dū not nō."

Thu Farisēz Ex-kum*yūnikāt thu Hēld Man

        13 Thā braut him hū fōrmurlē wuz blīnd tu thu Farisēz.
        14 And it wuz u Sabatt hwen Jēzus mād thu klā and ōpund hiz īz.
        15 Then thu Farisēz aul-sō askt him ug*en hou hē had res*ēvd hiz sīt. Hē sed tu them, "Hē poot klā on mī īz, and Ī wausht, and Ī sē."
        16 Ther-fōr sum uv thu Farisēz sed, "This Man iz not frum God, bi-kuz Hē duz not kēp thu Sabatt." Uthurz sed, "Hou kan u man hū iz u sinur dū such mirukulz?" And ther wuz u div*izhun um*ung them.
        17 Thā sed tu thu blīnd man ug*en, "Hwut dū yū sā u-bout Him bi-kuz Hē ōpund yur īz?" Hē sed, "Hē iz u profut."
        18 But thu Jūz did not bel*ēv kuns*urning him, that hē had ben blīnd and res*ēvd hiz sīt, unt*il thā kauld thu parunts uv him hū had res*ēvd hiz sīt.
        19 And thā askt them, sāing, "Iz this yur sun, hū yū sā wuz bōrn blīnd? Hou then duz hē nou sē?"
        20 Hiz parunts ansurd them and sed, "Wē nō that this iz our sun, and that hē wuz bōrn blīnd;
        21 "but bī hwut mēnz hē nou sēz wē dū not nō, ōr hū ōpund hiz īz wē dū not nō. Hē iz uv āj; ask him. Hē shal spēk fōr him-self."
        22 Hiz parunts spōk thēz wurdz bi-kuz thā fird thu Jūz, fōr thu Jūz had ugr*ēd aul-redē that if enē-1 kunf*est that Hē wuz Krīst, hē wood bē poot out uv thu sinugog.
        23 Ther-fōr hiz parunts sed, "Hē iz uv āj; ask him."
        24 Then thā ug*en kauld thu man hū wuz blīnd, and sed tu him, "Giv God thu prāz! Wē nō that this Man iz u sinur."
        25 Hē ansurd and sed, "Hwethur Hē iz u sinur ōr not Ī dū not nō. 1 tting Ī nō: that thō Ī wuz blīnd, nou Ī sē."
        26 Then thā sed tu him ug*en, "Hwut did Hē dū tu yū? Hou did Hē ōpun yur īz?"
        27 Hē ansurd them, "Ī hav tōld yū aul-redē, and yū did not lisun. Hwī dū yū wont tu hir it ug*en? Dū yū aul-sō wont tu bi-kum Hiz dis*īpulz?"
        28 Then thā re-vīld him and sed, "Yū or Hiz dis*īpul, but wē or Mōzus' dis*īpulz.
        29 "Wē nō that God spōk tu Mōzus; az fōr this felō, wē dū not nō hwer Hē iz frum."
        30 Thu man ansurd and sed tu them, "Wī, this iz u morvulus tting, that yū dū not nō hwer Hē iz frum, and yet Hē haz ōpund mī īz!
        31 "Nou wē nō that God duz not hir sinurz; but if enē-1 iz u wurshipur uv God and duz Hiz wil, Hē hirz him.
        32 "Sins thu wurld big*an it haz ben un-hurd uv that enē-1 ōpund thē īz uv 1 hū wuz bōrn blīnd.
        33 "If this Man wur not frum God, Hē kood dū nu-tting."
        34 Thā ansurd and sed tu him, "Yū wur kumpl*ētlē bōrn in sinz, and or yū tēching us?" And thā kast him out.

Trū Vizhun and Trū Blīndnus

        35 Jēzus hurd that thā had kast him out; and hwen Hē had found him, Hē sed tu him, "Dū yū bel*ēv in thu Sun uv God?"
        36 Hē ansurd and sed, "Hū iz Hē, Lōrd, that Ī mā bel*ēv in Him?"
        37 And Jēzus sed tu him, "Yū hav bōtt sēn Him and it iz Hē hū iz tauking witt yū."
        38 And hē sed, "Lōrd, Ī bel*ēv!" And hē wurshipt Him.
        39 And Jēzus sed, "Fōr jujmunt Ī hav kum in-tu this wurld, that thōz hū dū not sē mā sē, and that thōz hū sē mā bē mād blīnd."
        40 And sum uv thu Farisēz hū wur witt Him hurd thēz wurdz, and sed tu Him, "Or wē blīnd aul-sō?"
        41 Jēzus sed tu them, "If yū wur blīnd, yū wood hav nō sin; but nou yū sā, 'Wē sē.' Ther-fōr yur sin rem*ānz."

Chaptur 10

Jēzus thu Trū Shepurd

"Mōst u-shurudlē, Ī sā tu yū, hē hū duz not entur thu shēp-fōld bī thu dōr, but klīmz up sum uthur wā, thu sām iz u ttēf and u robur.
        2 "But hē hū enturz bī thu dōr iz thu shepurd uv thu shēp.
        3 "Tu him thu dōr-kēpur ōpunz, and thu shēp hir hiz vois; and hē kaulz hiz ōn shēp bī nām and lēdz them out.
        4 "And hwen hē bringz out hiz ōn shēp, hē gōz bi-fōr them; and thu shēp folō him, fōr thā nō hiz vois.
        5 "And u strānjur thā wil bī nō mēnz folō, but wil flē frum him, fōr thā dū not nō thu vois uv strānjurz."

        6 Jēzus yūzd this ilustr*āshun, but thā did not undur-stand thu ttingz hwich Hē spōk tu them.
        7 Then Jēzus sed tu them ug*en, "Mōst u-shurudlē, Ī sā tu yū, Ī am thu dōr uv thu shēp.
        8 "Aul hū evur kām bi-fōr Mē or ttēvz and roburz, but thu shēp did not hir them.
        9 "Ī am thu dōr. If enē-1 enturz bī Mē, hē wil bē sāvd, and wil gō in and out and fīnd paschur.
        10 "Thu ttēf duz not kum ex*ept tu stēl, and tu kil, and tu destr*oi. Ī hav kum that thā mā hav līf, and that thā mā hav it mōr ub*unduntlē.
        11 "Ī am thu good shepurd. Thu good shepurd givz Hiz līf fōr thu shēp.
        12 "But hē hū iz u hīrling and not thu shepurd, 1 hū duz not ōn thu shēp, sēz thu woolf kuming, lēvz thu shēp, and flēz; and thu woolf kachuz thu shēp and skaturz them.
        13 "Thu hīrling flēz bi-kuz hē iz u hīrling and duz not kar u-bout thu shēp.
        14 "Ī am thu good shepurd; and Ī nō Mī shēp, and am nōn bī Mī ōn.
        15 "Az thu Fothur nōz Mē, ēvun sō Ī nō thu Fothur; and Ī lā doun Mī līf fōr thu shēp.
        16 "And uthur shēp Ī hav hwich or not uv this Fōld; them aul-sō Ī must bring, and thā wil hir Mī vois; and ther wil bē 1 flok and 1 shepurd.
        17 "Ther-fōr Mī Fothur luvz Mē, bi-kuz Ī lā doun Mī līf that Ī mā tāk it ug*en.
        18 "Nō 1 tāks it frum Mē, but Ī lā it doun uv Mā-self. Ī hav pouur tu lā it doun, and Ī hav pouur tu tāk it ug*en. This kum*and Ī hav res*ēvd frum Mī Fothur."

        19 Ther-fōr ther wuz u div*izhun ug*en um*ung thu Jūz bi-kuz uv thēz sāingz.
        20 And menē uv them sed, "Hē haz u dēmun and iz mad. Hwī dū yū lisun tu Him?"
        21 Uthurz sed, "Thēz or not thu wurdz uv 1 hū haz u dēmun. Kan u dēmun ōpun thē īz uv thu blīnd?"

Thu Shepurd Nōz Hiz Shēp

        22 Nou it wuz thu Fēst uv Dedik*āshun in Jer*ūsulum, and it wuz wintur.
        23 And Jēzus waukt in thu tempul, in Solumun'z [Solomon's] pōrch.
        24 Then thu Jūz sur*oundud Him and sed tu Him, "Hou laung dū Yū māk us dout? If Yū or thu Krīst, tel us plānlē."
        25 Jēzus ansurd them, "Ī tōld yū, and yū dū not bel*ēv. Thu wurks that Ī dū in Mī Fothur'z nām, thā ber witnus uv Mē.
"But yū dū not bel*ēv, bi-kuz yū or not uv Mī shēp, az Ī sed tu yū.
        27 "Mī shēp hir Mī vois, and Ī nō them, and thā folō Mē.
        28 "And Ī giv them et*urnul līf, and thā shal nevur perish; nēthur shal enē-1 snach them out uv Mī hand.
        29 "Mī Fothur, hū gāv them tu Mē, iz grātur than aul; and nō 1 iz ābul tu snach them out uv Mī Fothur'z hand.
        30 "Ī and Mī Fothur or 1."

Rē-nūd Efurts tu Stōn Jēzus

        31 Then thu Jūz took up stōnz ug*en tu stōn Him.
        32 Jēzus ansurd them, "Menē good wurks Ī hav shōn yū frum Mī Fothur. Fōr hwich uv thōz wurks dū yū stōn Mē?"
        33 Thu Jūz ansurd Him, sāing, "Fōr u good wurk wē dū not stōn Yū, but fōr blasfumē, and bi-kuz Yū, bēing u Man, māk Yur-self God."
        34 Jēzus ansurd them, "Iz it not ritun in yur lau, 'Ī sed, yū or godz'?
        35 "If Hē kauld them godz, tu hūm thu wurd uv God kām (and thu Skripchur kan not bē brōkun),
        36 "dū yū sā uv Him hūm thu Fothur sanktifīd and sent in-tu thu wurld, 'Yū or blasfumēing,' bi-kuz Ī sed, 'Ī am thu Sun uv God'?
        37 "If Ī dū not dū thu wurks uv Mī Fothur, dū not bel*ēv Mē;
        38 "but if Ī dū, thō yū dū not bel*ēv Mē, bel*ēv thu wurks, that yū mā nō and bel*ēv that thu Fothur iz in Mē, and Ī in Him."

        39 Ther-fōr thā saut ug*en tu sēz Him, but Hē esk*āpt out uv thar hand.

Thu Bel*ēvurz bi-yond Jōrdun

        40 And Hē went u-wā ug*en bi-yond thu Jōrdun tu thu plās hwer Jon wuz baptīzing at 1st, and ther Hē stād.
        41 And menē kām tu Him and sed, "Jon purf*ōrmd nō sīn, but aul thu ttingz that Jon spōk u-bout this Man wur trū."
        42 And menē bel*ēvd in Him ther.

Chaptur 11

Thu Dett uv Lazrus [Lazarus]

Nou u surtun man wuz sik, Lazrus uv Bettunē [Bethany], thu toun uv Marē and hur sistur Morttu [Martha].
        2 It wuz that Marē hū un*ointud thu Lōrd witt frāgrunt oil and wīpt Hiz fēt witt hur har, hūz bruthur Lazrus wuz sik.
        3 Ther-fōr hiz sisturz sent tu Him, sāing, "Lōrd, bi-hōld, hē hūm Yū luv iz sik."
        4 Hwen Jēzus hurd that, Hē sed, "This siknus iz not tu dett, but fōr thu glōrē uv God, that thu Sun uv God mā bē glōrifīd ttrū it."
        5 Nou Jēzus luvd Morttu and hur sistur and Lazrus.
        6 Sō, hwen Hē hurd that hē wuz sik, Hē stād 2 mōr dāz in thu plās hwer Hē wuz.
        7 Then aftur this Hē sed tu Hiz dis*īpulz, "Let us gō tu Jūd*ēu ug*en."
        8 Hiz dis*īpulz sed tu Him, "Rabī, lātlē thu Jūz saut tu stōn Yū, and or Yū gōing ther ug*en?"
        9 Jēzus ansurd, "Or ther not 12 ouurz in thu dā? If enē-1 wauks in thu dā, hē duz not stumbul, bi-kuz hē sēz thu līt uv this wurld.
        10 "But if 1 wauks in thu nīt, hē stumbulz, bi-kuz ther iz nō līt in him."

        11 Thēz ttingz Hē sed, and aftur that Hē sed tu them, "Our frend Lazrus slēps, but Ī gō that Ī mā wāk him out uv slēp."
        12 Then Hiz dis*īpulz sed, "Lōrd, if hē slēps hē wil get wel."
        13 Hou-evur, Jēzus spōk uv hiz dett, but thā ttaut that Hē wuz spēking u-bout tāking rest in slēp.
        14 Then Jēzus sed tu them plānlē, "Lazrus iz ded.
        15 "And Ī am glad fōr yur sāks that Ī wuz not ther, that yū mā bel*ēv. Nevur-thu-les let us gō tu him."

         16 Then Tomus [Thomas], hū iz kauld Didimus (Didymus), sed tu hiz felō dis*īpulz, "Let us aul-sō gō, that wē mā dī witt Him."

Ī Am thu Rezur*ekshun and thu Līf

        17 Then, hwen Jēzus kām, Hē found that hē had aul-redē ben in thu tūm 4 dāz.
        18 Nou Bettunē wuz nir Jer*ūsulum, u-bout 2 mīlz u-wā.
        19 And menē uv thu Jūz kām tu Morttu and Marē tu kumfurt them kuns*urning thar bruthur.
        20 Then Morttu, az sūn az shē hurd that Jēzus wuz kuming, went and met Him, but Marē wuz siting in thu hous.
        21 Then Morttu sed tu Jēzus, "Lōrd, if Yū had ben hir, mī bruthur wood not hav dīd.
        22 "But Ī nō that ēvun nou, hwut-evur Yū ask uv God, God wil giv Yū."
        23 Jēzus sed tu hur, "Yur bruthur wil rīz ug*en."
        24 Morttu sed tu Him, "Ī nō that hē wil rīz ug*en in thu rezur*ekshun at thu last dā."
        25 Jēzus sed tu hur, "Ī am thu rezur*ekshun and thu līf. Hē hū bel*ēvz in Mē, thō hē mā dī, hē shal liv.
        26 "And hū-evur livz and bel*ēvz in Mē shal nevur dī. Dū yū bel*ēv this?"

        27 Shē sed tu Him, "Yes, Lōrd, Ī bel*ēv that Yū or thu Krīst, thu Sun uv God, hū iz tu kum in-tu thu wurld."

Jēzus and Dett, thu Last Enemē

        28 And hwen shē had sed thēz ttingz, shē went hur wā and kauld Marē hur sistur sēkrutlē, sāing, "Thu Tēchur haz kum and iz kauling fōr yū."
        29 Az sūn az shē hurd that, shē u-rōz qiklē and kām tu Him.
        30 Nou Jēzus had not yet kum in-tu thu toun, but wuz in thu plās hwer Morttu met Him.
        31 Then thu Jūz hū wur witt hur in thu hous, and kumfurting hur, hwen thā sau that Marē rōz up qiklē and went out, folōd hur, sāing, "Shē iz gōing tu thu tūm tu wēp ther."
        32 Then, hwen Marē kām hwer Jēzus wuz, and sau Him, shē fel doun at Hiz fēt, sāing tu Him, "Lōrd, if Yū had ben hir, mī bruthur wood not hav dīd."
        33 Ther-fōr, hwen Jēzus sau hur wēping, and thu Jūz hū kām witt hur aul-sō wēping, Hē grōnd in thu spirit and wuz trubuld.
        34 And Hē sed, "Hwer hav yū lād him?" Thā sed tu Him, "Lōrd, kum and sē."
        35 Jēzus wept.
        36 Then thu Jūz sed, "Sē hou Hē luvd him!"
        37 And sum uv them sed, "Kood not this Man, hū ōpund thē īz uv thu blīnd, aul-sō hav kept this man frum dīing?"

Lazrus Rāzd frum thu Ded

        38 Then Jēzus, ug*en grōning in Him-self, kām tu thu tūm. It wuz u kāv, and u stōn lā ug*enst it.
        39 Jēzus sed, "Tāk u-wā thu stōn." Morttu, thu sistur uv him hū wuz ded, sed tu Him, "Lōrd, bī this tīm ther iz u stench, fōr hē haz ben ded 4 dāz."
        40 Jēzus sed tu hur, "Did Ī not sā tu yū that if yū wood bel*ēv yū wood sē thu glōrē uv God?"
        41 Then thā took u-wā thu stōn frum thu plās hwer thu ded man wuz līing. And Jēzus liftud up Hiz īz and sed, "Fothur, Ī ttank Yū that Yū hav hurd Mē.
        42 "And Ī nō that Yū aul-wāz hir Mē, but bi-kuz uv thu pēpul hū or standing bī Ī sed this, that thā mā bel*ēv that Yū sent Mē."

        43 And hwen Hē had sed thēz ttingz, Hē krīd witt u loud vois, "Lazrus, kum fōrtt!"
        44 And hē hū had dīd kām out bound hand and foot witt grāv-klōthz, and hiz fās wuz rapt witt u klautt. Jēzus sed tu them, "Lūs him, and let him gō."

Thu Plot tu Kil Jēzus

        45 Then menē uv thu Jūz hū had kum tu Marē, and had sēn thu ttingz Jēzus did, bel*ēvd in Him.
        46 But sum uv them went thar wā tu thu Farisēz and tōld them thu ttingz Jēzus did.
        47 Then thu chēf prēsts and thu Farisēz gathurd u kounsul and sed, "Hwut shal wē dū? Fōr this Man wurks menē sīnz.
        48 "If wē let Him u-lōn līk this, evrē-1 wil bel*ēv in Him, and thu Rōmunz [Romans] wil kum and tāk u-wā bōtt our plās and nāshun."
        49 And 1 uv them, Kīufus [Caiaphas], bēing hī prēst that yir, sed tu them, "Yū nō nu-tting at aul,
        50 "nōr dū yū kuns*idur that it iz exp*ēdēunt fōr us that 1 man shood dī fōr thu pēpul, and not that thu hōl nāshun shood perish."
        51 And this hē did not sā on hiz ōn autt*ōritē; but bēing hī prēst that yir, hē profusīd that Jēzus wood dī fōr thu nāshun,
        52 and not fōr that nāshun ōnlē, but aul-sō that Hē wood gathur tug*ethur in 1 thu childrun uv God hū wur skaturd u-braud.
        53 Then frum that dā on thā plotud tu poot Him tu dett.
        54 Ther-fōr Jēzus nō launggur waukt ōpunlē um*ung thu Jūz, but went frum ther in-tu thu kuntrē nir thu wildurnus, tu u sitē kauld Efruim [Ephraim], and ther rem*ānd witt Hiz dis*īpulz.
        55 And thu Pas-ōvur uv thu Jūz wuz nir, and menē went frum thu kuntrē up tu Jer*ūsulum bi-fōr thu Pas-ōvur, tu pyurifī them-selvz.
        56 Then thā saut Jēzus, and spōk um*ung them-selvz az thā stood in thu tempul, "Hwut dū yū ttink—that Hē wil not kum tu thu fēst?"
        57 Nou bōtt thu chēf prēsts and thu Farisēz had givun u kum*and, that if enē-1 nū hwer Hē wuz, hē shood rep*ōrt it, that thā mīt sēz Him.

Chaptur 12

Thu Un*ointing at Bettunē

Then, 6 dāz bi-fōr thu Pas-ōvur, Jēzus kām tu Bettunē, hwer Lazrus wuz hū had ben ded, hūm Hē rāzd frum thu ded.
        2 Ther thā mād Him u supur; and Morttu survd, but Lazrus wuz 1 uv thōz hū sat at thu tābul witt Him.
        3 Then Marē took u pound uv verē kaustlē oil uv spīknord (spikenard), un*ointud thu fēt uv Jēzus, and wīpt Hiz fēt witt hur har. And thu hous wuz fild witt thu frāgruns uv thē oil.
        4 Then 1 uv Hiz dis*īpulz, Jūdus Isk*arēut, Sīmun'z [Simon's] sun, hū wood betr*ā Him, sed,
        5 "Hwī wuz this frāgrunt oil not sōld fōr 3 100 den*arēī [u-bout 1 yir'z wājuz fōr u wurkur] and givun tu thu poor?"
        6 This hē sed, not that hē kard fōr thu poor, but bi-kuz hē wuz u ttēf, and had thu munē box, and yūs tu tāk hwut wuz poot in it.
        7 Then Jēzus sed, "Let hur u-lōn; shē haz kept this fōr thu dā uv Mī barēul.
        8 "Fōr thu poor yū hav witt yū aul-wāz, but Mē yū dū not hav aul-wāz."

Thu Plot tu Kil Lazrus

        9 Then u grāt menē uv thu Jūz nū that Hē wuz ther; and thā kām, not fōr Jēzus' sāk ōnlē, but that thā mīt aul-sō sē Lazrus, hūm Hē had rāzd frum thu ded.
        10 But thu chēf prēsts took kounsul that thā mīt aul-sō poot Lazrus tu dett,
        11 bi-kuz on u-kount uv him menē uv thu Jūz went u-wā and bel*ēvd in Jēzus.

Thu Trī*umful Entrē

        12 Thu next dā u grāt multitūd that had kum tu thu fēst, hwen thā hurd that Jēzus wuz kuming tu Jer*ūsulum,
        13 took branchuz uv pom trēz, went out tu mēt Him, and krīd out:
                'Blesud iz Hē hū kumz in thu nām uv thu LŌRD!'
                Thu King uv Izrēul!"
        14 And Jēzus, hwen Hē had found u yung donkē, sat on it; az it iz ritun:
        15 "Fir not, dautur uv Zīun [Zion];
                Bi-hōld, yur King iz kuming,
                Siting on u donkē'z kōlt."

        16 Hiz dis*īpulz did not undur-stand thēz ttingz at 1st; but hwen Jēzus wuz glōrifīd, then thā rem*emburd that thēz ttingz wur ritun u-bout Him and that thā had dun thēz ttingz tu Him.
        17 Ther-fōr thu pēpul, hū wur witt Him hwen Hē kauld Lazrus out uv hiz tūm and rāzd him frum thu ded, bōr witnus.
        18 Fōr this rēzun thu pēpul aul-sō met Him, bi-kuz thā hurd that Hē had dun this sīn.
        19 Thu Farisēz ther-fōr sed um*ung them-selvz, "Yū sē that yū or uk*omplishing nu-tting. Look, thu wurld haz gaun aftur Him!"

Thu Frūt-fool Grān uv Hwēt

        20 And ther wur surtun Grēks um*ung thōz hū kām up tu wurship at thu fēst.
        21 Then thā kām tu Filip, hū wuz frum Bettsā*idu uv Galilē, and askt him, sāing, "Sur, wē wish tu sē Jēzus."
        22 Filip kām and tōld Andrū, and ug*en Andrū and Filip tōld Jēzus.
        23 And Jēzus ansurd them, sāing, "Thu ouur haz kum that thu Sun uv Man shood bē glōrifīd.
        24 "Mōst u-shurudlē, Ī sā tu yū, unl*es u grān uv hwēt faulz in-tu thu ground and dīz, it rem*ānz u-lōn; but if it dīz, it prōd*ūsuz much grān.
        25 "Hē hū luvz hiz līf wil lūz it, and hē hū hāts hiz līf in this wurld wil kēp it tu et*urnul līf.
        26 "If enē-1 survz Mē, let him folō Mē; and hwer Ī am, ther Mī survunt wil bē aul-sō. If enē-1 survz Mē, him Mī Fothur wil onur.

Jēzus Pred*ikts Hiz Dett on thu Kraus

"Nou Mī sōl iz trubuld, and hwut shal Ī sā? 'Fothur, sāv Mē frum this ouur'? But fōr this purpus Ī kām tu this ouur.
        28 "Fothur, glōrifī Yur nām."
Then u vois kām frum hevun, sāing, "Ī hav bōtt glōrifīd it and wil glōrifī it ug*en."
        29 Ther-fōr thu pēpul hū stood bī and hurd it sed that it ttundurd. Uthurz sed, "An ānjul spōk tu Him."
        30 Jēzus ansurd and sed, "This vois did not kum bi-kuz uv Mē, but fōr yur sāk.
        31 "Nou iz thu jujmunt uv this wurld; nou thu rūlur uv this wurld wil bē kast out.
        32 "And Ī, if Ī am liftud up frum thē urtt, wil drau aul men tu Mī-self."

        33 This Hē sed, signifīing bī hwut dett Hē wood dī.
        34 Thu pēpul ansurd Him, "Wē hav hurd frum thu lau that thu Krīst rem*ānz fōr-evur; and hou iz it Yū sā, ' Thu Sun uv Man must bē liftud up'? Hū iz this Sun uv Man?"
        35 Then Jēzus sed tu them, "U litul hwīl launggur thu līt iz witt yū. Wauk hwīl yū hav thu līt, lest dorknus ōvur-tāk yū, fōr hē hū wauks in dorknus duz not nō hwer hē iz gōing.
        36 "Hwīl yū hav thu līt, bel*ēv in thu līt, that yū mā bi-kum sunz uv līt."
Thēz ttingz Jēzus spōk, and dep*ortud, and wuz hidun frum them.

Hū Haz Bel*ēvd Our Rep*ōrt?

        37 But thō Hē had dun sō menē sīnz bi-fōr them, thā did not bel*ēv in Him,
        38 that thu wurd uv Īz*āu thu profut mīt bē fool-fild, hwich hē spōk:
                "Lōrd, hū haz bel*ēvd our rep*ōrt?
                And tu hūm haz thē orm uv thu LŌRD ben rev*ēld?"

        39 Ther-fōr thā kood not bel*ēv, bi-kuz Īz*āu sed ug*en:
        40 "Hē haz blīndud thar īz and hordund thar hort,
                That thā shood not sē witt thar īz,
                Nōr undur-stand witt thar hort,
                And turn ug*en, and Ī shood hēl them."

        41 Thēz ttingz Īz*āu sed hwen hē sau Hiz glōrē and spōk uv Him.

Wauk in thu Līt

        42 Nevur-thu-les ēvun um*ung thu rūlurz menē bel*ēvd in Him, but bi-kuz uv thu Farisēz thā did not kunf*es Him, lest thā bē poot out uv thu sinugog;
        43 fōr thā luvd thu prāz uv men mōr than thu prāz uv God.
        44 Then Jēzus krīd out and sed, "Hē hū bel*ēvz in Mē, bel*ēvz not in Mē but in Him hū sent Mē.
        45 "And hē hū sēz Mē sēz Him hū sent Mē.
        46 "Ī hav kum az u līt in-tu thu wurld, that hū-evur bel*ēvz in Mē shood not u-bīd in dorknus.
        47 "And if enē-1 hirz Mī wurdz, and duz not bel*ēv, Ī dū not juj him; fōr Ī did not kum tu juj thu wurld but tu sāv thu wurld.
        48 "Hē hū rej*ekts Mē, and duz not res*ēv Mī wurdz, haz that hwich jujuz him—thu wurd that Ī hav spōkun wil juj him in thu last dā.
        49 "Fōr Ī hav not spōkun on Mī ōn autt*ōritē; but thu Fothur hū sent Mē gāv Mē u kum*and, hwut Ī shood sā and hwut Ī shood spēk.
        50 "And Ī nō that Hiz kum*and iz evur-lasting līf. Ther-fōr, hwut-evur Ī spēk, just az thu Fothur sed tu Mē, sō Ī spēk."

Chaptur 13

Thu Mastur Bi-kumz u Survunt

Nou bi-fōr thu fēst uv thu Pas-ōvur, hwen Jēzus nū that Hiz ouur had kum that Hē shood dep*ort out uv this wurld tu thu Fothur, having luvd Hiz ōn hū wur in thu wurld, Hē luvd them tu thē end.
        2 And supur bēing endud, thu devul having aul-redē poot it in-tu thu hort uv Jūdus Isk*arēut, Sīmun'z sun, tu betr*ā Him,
        3 Jēzus, nōing that thu Fothur had givun aul ttingz in-tu Hiz handz, and that Hē had kum frum God and wuz gōing tu God,
        4 rōz frum supur, lād u-sīd Hiz gormunts, took u touul, and gurdud Him-self.
        5 Aftur that, Hē pōrd wautur in-tu u bāsin and big*an tu waush thu dis*īpulz' fēt, and tu wīp them witt thu touul witt hwich Hē wuz gurdud.
        6 Then Hē kām tu Sīmun Pētur. And Pētur sed tu Him, "Lōrd, or Yū waushing mī fēt?"
        7 Jēzus ansurd and sed tu him, "Hwut Ī am dūing yū dū not undur-stand nou, but yū wil nō aftur this."
        8 Pētur sed tu Him, "Yū shal nevur waush mī fēt!" Jēzus ansurd him, "If Ī dū not waush yū, yū hav nō port witt Mē."
        9 Sīmun Pētur sed tu Him, "Lōrd, not mī fēt ōnlē, but aul-sō mī handz and mī hed!"
        10 Jēzus sed tu him, "Hē hū iz bāthd nēdz ōnlē tu waush hiz fēt, but iz kumpl*ētlē klēn; and yū or klēn, but not aul uv yū."
        11 Fōr Hē nū hū wood betr*ā Him; ther-fōr Hē sed, "Yū or not aul klēn."

Wē Must Aul-sō Surv

        12 Sō hwen Hē had wausht thar fēt, tākun Hiz gormunts, and sat doun ug*en, Hē sed tu them, "Dū yū nō hwut Ī hav dun tu yū?
        13 "Yū kaul mē Tēchur and Lōrd, and yū sā wel, fōr sō Ī am.
        14 "If Ī then, yur Lōrd and Tēchur, hav wausht yur fēt, yū aul-sō, aut tu waush 1 un-uthur'z fēt.
        15 "Fōr Ī hav givun yū an egz*ampul, that yū shood dū az Ī hav dun tu yū.
        16 "Mōst u-shurudlē, Ī sā tu yū, u survunt iz not grātur than hiz mastur; nōr iz hē hū iz sent grātur than hē hū sent him.
        17 "If yū nō thēz ttingz, hapē or yū if yū dū them.
        18 "Ī dū not spēk kuns*urning aul uv yū. Ī nō hūm Ī hav chōzun; but that thu Skripchur mā bē fool-fild, 'Hē hū ēts bred witt Mē haz liftud up hiz hēl ug*enst Mē.'
        19 "Nou Ī tel yū bi-fōr it kumz, that hwen it kumz tu pas, yū mā bel*ēv that Ī am Hē.
        20 "Mōst u-shurudlē, Ī sā tu yū, hē hū res*ēvz hūm-evur Ī send res*ēvz Mē; and hē hū res*ēvz Mē res*ēvz Him hū sent Mē."

        21 Hwen Jēzus had sed thēz ttingz, Hē wuz trubuld in spirit, and testifīd and sed, "Mōst u-shurudlē, Ī sā tu yū, 1 uv yū wil betr*ā Mē."
        22 Then thu dis*īpulz lookt at 1 un-uthur, purpl*exd u-bout hūm Hē spōk.
        23 Nou ther wuz lēning on Jēzus' boozum 1 uv Hiz dis*īpulz, hūm Jēzus luvd.
        24 Sīmun Pētur ther-fōr nodud tu him, that hē shood ask hū it wuz uv hūm Hē spōk.
        25 Then, lēning bak on Jēzus' chest, hē sed tu Him, "Lōrd, hū iz it?"
        26 Jēzus ansurd, "It iz hē tu hūm Ī shal giv u pēs uv bred hwen Ī hav dipt it." And having dipt thu bred, Hē gāv it tu Jūdus Isk*arēut, thu sun uv Sīmun.
        27 And aftur thu pēs uv bred, Sātun [Satan] enturd him. Then Jēzus sed tu him, "Hwut yū dū, dū qiklē"
        28 Nou nō 1 at thu tābul nū fōr hwut rēzun Hē sed this tu him.
        29 Fōr sum uv them ttaut, bi-kuz Jūdus had thu munē box, that Jēzus had sed tu him, "Bī thōz ttingz wē nēd fōr thu fēst," ōr that hē shood giv sum-tting tu thu poor.
        30 Having res*ēvd thu pēs uv bred, hē then went out i-mēdēutlē. And it wuz nīt.

Thu Nū Kum*andmunt

        31 Then, hwen hē had gaun out, Jēzus sed, "Nou thu Sun uv Man iz glōrifīd, and God iz glōrifīd in Him.
        32 "If God iz glōrifīd in Him, God wil aul-sō glōrifī Him in Him-self, and glōrifī Him i-mēdēutlē.
        33 "Litul childrun, Ī shal bē witt yū u litul hwīl launggur. Yū wil sēk Mē; and az Ī sed tu thu Jūz, 'Hwer Ī am gōing, yū kan not kum,' sō nou Ī sā tu yū.
        34 "U nū kum*andmunt Ī giv tu yū, that yū luv 1 un-uthur; az Ī hav luvd yū, that yū aul-sō luv 1 un-uthur.
        35 "Bī this aul wil nō that yū or Mī dis*īpulz, if yū hav luv fōr 1 un-uthur."

Jēzus Pred*ikts Pētur'z Den*īul

        36 Sīmun Pētur sed tu Him, "Lōrd, hwer or yū gōing?" Jēzus ansurd him, "Hwer Ī am gōing yū kan not folō Mē nou, but yū shal folō Mē afturwurd."
        37 Pētur sed tu Him, "Lōrd, hwī kan Ī not folō Yū nou? Ī wil lā doun mī līf fōr Yur sāk."
        38 Jēzus ansurd him, "Wil yū lā doun yur līf fōr Mī sāk? Mōst u-shurudlē, Ī sā tu yū, thu rūstur shal not krō til yū hav den*īd Mē 3 tīmz."

Chaptur 14

Thu Wā, thu Trūtt, and thu Līf

"Let not yur hort bē trubuld; yū bel*ēv in God, bel*ēv aul-sō in Mē.
        2 "In Mī Fothur'z hous or menē dweling plāsuz; if it wur not sō, Ī wood hav tōld yū. Ī gō tu prep*ar u plās fōr yū.
        3 "And if Ī gō and prep*ar u plās fōr yū, Ī wil kum ug*en and res*ēv yū tu Mī-self; that hwer Ī am, ther yū mā bē aul-sō.
        4 "And hwer Ī gō yū nō, and thu wā yū nō."

        5 Tomus sed tu Him, "Lōrd, wē dū not nō hwer Yū or gōing, and hou kan wē nō thu wā?"
        6 Jēzus sed tu him, "Ī am thu wā, thu trūtt, and thu līf. Nō 1 kumz tu thu Fothur ex*ept ttrū Mē.

Thu Fothur Rev*ēld

        7 "If yū had nōn Mē, yū wood hav nōn Mī Fothur aul-sō; and frum nou on yū nō Him and hav sēn Him."
        8 Filip sed tu Him, "Lōrd, shō us thu Fothur, and it iz suf*ishunt fōr us."
        9 Jēzus sed tu him, "Hav Ī ben witt yū sō laung, and yet yū hav not nōn Mē, Filip? Hē hū haz sēn Mē haz sēn thu Fothur; sō hou kan yū sā, 'Shō us thu Fothur'?
        10 "Dū yū not bel*ēv that Ī am in thu Fothur, and thu Fothur in Mē? Thu wurdz that Ī spēk tu yū Ī dū not spēk on Mī ōn autt*ōritē; but thu Fothur hū dwelz in Mē duz thu wurks.
        11 "Bel*ēv Mē that Ī am in thu Fothur and thu Fothur in Mē, ōr els bel*ēv Mē fōr thu sāk uv thu wurks them-selvz.

Thu Ansurd Prar

"Mōst u-shurudlē, Ī sā tu yū, hē hū bel*ēvz in Mē, thu wurks that Ī dū hē wil dū aul-sō; and grātur wurks than thēz hē wil dū, bi-kuz Ī gō tu Mī Fothur.
        13 "And hwut-evur yū ask in Mī nām, that Ī wil dū, that thu Fothur mā bē glōrifīd in thu Sun.
        14 "If yū ask enē-thing in Mī nām, Ī wil dū it.

Jēzus Promisuz Un-uthur Helpur

"If yū luv Mē, kēp Mī kum*andmunts.
        16 "And Ī wil prā thu Fothur, and Hē wil giv yū un-uthur Helpur, that Hē mā u-bīd witt yū fōr-evur,
        17 "ēvun thu Spirit uv trūtt, hūm thu wurld kan not res*ēv, bi-kuz it nēthur sēz Him nōr nōz Him; but yū nō Him, fōr Hē dwelz witt yū and wil bē in yū.
        18 "Ī wil not lēv yū ōrfunz; Ī wil kum tu yū.

In-dweling uv thu Fothur and thu Sun

"U litul hwīl launggur and thu wurld wil sē Mē nō mōr, but yū wil sē Mē. Bi-kuz Ī liv, yū wil liv aul-sō.
        20 "At that dā yū wil nō that Ī am in Mī Fothur, and yū in Mē, and Ī in yū.
        21 "Hē hū haz Mī kum*andmunts and kēps them, it iz hē hū luvz Mē. And hē hū luvz Mē wil bē luvd bī Mī Fothur, and Ī wil luv him and manifest Mī-self tu him."

        22 Jūdus (not Isk*arēut) sed tu Him, "Lōrd, hou iz it that Yū wil manifest Yur-self tu us, and not tu thu wurld?"
        23 Jēzus ansurd and sed tu him, "If enē-1 luvz Mē, hē wil kēp Mī wurd; and Mī Fothur wil luv him, and Wē wil kum tu him and māk Our hōm witt him.
        24 "Hē hū duz not luv Mē duz not kēp Mī wurdz; and thu wurd hwich yū hir iz not Mīn but thu Fothur'z hū sent Mē.

Thu Gift uv Hiz Pēs

"Thēz ttingz Ī hav spōkun tu yū hwīl bēing prezunt witt yū.
        26 "But thu Helpur, thu Hōlē Spirit, hūm thu Fothur wil send in Mī nām, Hē wil tēch yū aul ttingz, and bring tu yur rem*embruns aul ttingz that Ī sed tu yū.
        27 "Pēs Ī lēv witt yū, Mī pēs Ī giv tu yū; not az thu wurld givz dū Ī giv tu yū. Let not yur hort bē trubuld, nēthur let it bē ufr*ād.
        28 "Yū hav hurd hou Ī sed tu yū,'Ī am gōing u-wā and kuming bak tu yū.' If yū luvd Mē, yū wood re-jois bi-kuz Ī sed, 'Ī am gōing tu thu Fothur,' fōr Mī Fothur iz grātur than Ī.
        29 "And nou Ī hav tōld yū bi-fōr it kumz tu pas, that hwen it kumz tu pas, yū mā bel*ēv.
        30 "Ī wil nō launggur tauk much witt yū, fōr thu rūlur uv this wurld iz kuming, and hē haz nu-tting in Mē.
        31 "But that thu wurld mā nō that Ī luv thu Fothur, and az thu Fothur gāv Mē kum*andmunt, sō Ī dū. U-rīz, let us gō frum hir."

Chaptur 15

Thu Trū Vīn

"Ī am thu trū vīn, and Mī Fothur iz thu vīn-dresur.
        2 "Evrē branch in Mē that duz not ber frūt Hē tāks u-wā; and evrē branch that berz frūt Hē prūnz, that it mā ber mōr frūt.
        3 "Yū or aul-redē klēn bi-kuz uv thu wurd hwich Ī hav spōkun tu yū.
        4 "U-bīd in Mē, and Ī in yū. Az thu branch kan not ber frūt uv it-self, unl*es it u-bīdz in thu vīn, nēthur kan yū, unl*es yū u-bīd in Mē.
        5 Ī am thu vīn, yū or thu branchuz. Hē hū u-bīdz in Mē, and Ī in him, berz much frūt; fōr witt-out Mē yū kan dū nu-tting.
        6 "If enē-1 duz not u-bīd in Mē, hē iz kast out az u branch and iz withurd; and thā gathur them and ttrō them in-tu thu fīr, and thā or burnd.
        7 "If yū u-bīd in Mē, and Mī wurdz u-bīd in yū, yū shal ask hwut yū dez*īr, and it shal bē dun fōr yū.
        8 "Bī this Mī Fothur iz glōrifīd, that yū ber much frūt; sō yū wil bē Mī dis*īpulz.

Luv and Joi Purf*ektud

"Az thu Fothur luvd Mē, Ī aul-sō hav luvd yū; kunt*inyū in Mī luv.
        10 "If yū kēp Mī kum*andmunts, yū wil u-bīd in Mī luv, just az Ī hav kept Mī Fothur'z kum*andmunts and u-bīd in Hiz luv.
        11 "Thēz ttingz Ī hav spōkun tu yū that Mī joi mā rem*ān in yū, and that yur joi mā bē fool.
        12 "This iz Mī kum*andmunt, that yū luv 1 un-uthur az Ī hav luvd yū.
        13 "Grātur luv haz nō 1 than this, that hē lā doun hiz līf fōr hiz frendz.
        14 "Yū or Mī frendz if yū dū hwut-evur Ī kum*and yū.
        15 "Nō launggur dū Ī kaul yū survunts, fōr u survunt duz not nō hwut hiz mastur iz dūing; but Ī hav kauld yū frendz, fōr aul ttingz that Ī hav hurd frum Mī Fothur Ī hav mād nōn tu yū.
        16 "Yū hav not chōzun Mē, but Ī hav chōzun yū and u-pointud yū that yū shood gō and ber frūt, and that yur frūt shood rem*ān, that hwut-evur yū ask thu Fothur in Mī nām Hē mā giv yū.
        17 "Thēz ttingz Ī kum*and yū, that yū luv 1 un-uthur.

Thu Wurld'z Hātrud

"If thu wurld hāts yū, yū nō that it hātud Mē bi-fōr it hātud yū.
        19 "If yū wur uv thu wurld, thu wurld wood luv its ōn. Yet bi-kuz yū or not uv thu wurld, but Ī hav chōzun yū out uv thu wurld, ther-fōr thu wurld hāts yū.
        20 "Rem*embur thu wurd that Ī sed tu yū, 'U survunt iz not grātur than hiz mastur.' If thā hav pursekyūtud Mē, thā wil aul-sō pursekyūt yū. If thā hav kept Mī wurd, thā wil kēp yurz aul-sō.
        21 "But aul thēz ttingz thā wil dū tu yū fōr Mī nām'z sāk, bi-kuz thā dū not nō Him hū sent Mē.
        22 "If Ī had not kum and spōkun tu them, thā wood hav nō sin, but nou thā hav nō exk*yūs fōr thar sin.
        23 "Hē hū hāts Mē hāts Mī Fothur aul-sō.
        24 "If Ī had not dun um*ung them thu wurks hwich nō 1 els haz dun, thā wood hav nō sin; but nou thā hav sēn and aul-sō hātud bōtt Mē and Mī Fothur.
        25 "But this hapund that thu wurd mīt bē fool-fild hwich iz ritun in thar lau 'Thā hātud Mē witt-out u kauz.'

Thu Kuming Rej*ekshun

"But hwen thu Helpur kumz, hūm Ī shal send tu yū frum thu Fothur, thu Spirit uv trūtt hū prōs*ēdz frum thu Fothur, Hē wil testifī uv Mē.
        27 "And yū aul-sō wil ber witnus, bi-kuz yū hav ben witt Mē frum thu beg*ining."

Chaptur 16

"Thēz ttingz Ī hav spōkun tu yū, that yū shood not bē mād tu stumbul.
        2 "Thā wil poot yū out uv thu sinugogz; yes, thu tīm iz kuming that hū-evur kilz yū wil ttink that hē aufurz God survis.
        3 "And thēz ttingz thā wil dū tu yū bi-kuz thā hav not nōn thu Fothur nōr Mē.
        4 "But thēz ttingz Ī hav tōld yū, that hwen thu tīm kumz, yū mā rem*embur that Ī tōld yū uv them. And thēz ttingz Ī did not sā tu yū at thu big*ining, bi-kuz Ī wuz witt yū.

Thu Wurk uv thu Hōlē Spirit

"But nou Ī gō u-wā tu Him hū sent Mē, and nun uv yū asks Mē, 'Hwer or Yū gōing?'
        6 "But bi-kuz Ī hav sed thēz ttingz tu yū, sorō haz fild yur hort.
        7 "Nevur-thu-les Ī tel yū thu trūtt. It iz tu yur adv*antuj that Ī gō u-wā; fōr if Ī dū not gō u-wā, thu Helpur wil not kum tu yū; but if Ī dep*ort, Ī wil send Him tu yū.
        8 "And hwen Hē haz kum, Hē wil kunv*ikt thu wurld uv sin, and uv rīchusnus, and uv jujmunt:
        9 "uv sin, bi-kuz thā dū not bel*ēv in Mē;
        10 "uv rīchusnus, bi-kuz Ī gō tu Mī Fothur and yū sē Mē nō mōr;
        11 "uv jujmunt, bi-kuz thu rūlur uv this wurld iz jujd.
        12 "Ī stil hav menē ttingz tu sā tu yū, but yū kan not ber them nou.
        13 "Hou-evur, hwen Hē, thu Spirit uv trūtt, haz kum, Hē wil gīd yū in-tu aul trūtt; fōr Hē wil not spēk on Hiz ōn autt*ōritē, but hwut-evur Hē hirz Hē wil spēk; and Hē wil tel yū ttingz tu kum.
        14 "Hē wil glōrifī Mē, fōr Hē wil tāk uv hwut iz Mīn and dekl*ar it tu yū.
        15 "Aul ttingz that thu Fothur haz or Mīn. Ther-fōr Ī sed that Hē wil tāk uv Mīn and dekl*ar it tu yū.

Sorō Wil Turn tu Joi

"U litul hwīl, and yū wil not sē Mē; and ug*en u litul hwīl, and yū wil sē Mē, bi-kuz Ī gō tu thu Fothur."

        17 Then sum uv Hiz dis*īpulz sed um*ung them-selvz, "Hwut iz this that Hē sez tu us, 'U litul hwīl, and yū wil not sē Mē; and ug*en u litul hwīl, and yū wil sē Mē' and, 'bi-kuz Ī gō tu thu Fothur'?"
        18 Thā sed ther-fōr, "Hwut iz this that Hē sez, 'U litul hwīl'? Wē dū not nō hwut Hē iz sāing."
        19 Nou Jēzus nū that thā dez*īrd tu ask Him, and Hē sed tu them, "Or yū in-qīring um*ung yur-selvz u-bout hwut ī sed, 'U litul hwīl and yū wil not sē Mē, and ug*en u litul hwīl and yū wil sē Mē'?
        20 "Mōst u-shurudlē, Ī sā tu yū that yū wil wēp and lum*ent, but thu wurld wil re-jois; and yū wil bē sorō-fool, but yur sorō wil bē turnd in-tu joi.
        21 "U woomun, hwen shē iz in lābur, haz sorō bi-kuz hur ouur haz kum; but az sūn az shē haz givun burtt tu thu chīld, shē nō launggur rem*emburz thē anggwish, fōr joi that u hyūmun bēing haz ben bōrn in-tu thu wurld.
        22 "And ther-fōr yū nou hav sorō; but Ī wil sē yū ug*en and yur hort wil re-jois, and yur joi nō 1 wil tāk frum yū.
        23 "And in that dā yū wil ask Mē nu-tting. Mōst u-shurudlē, Ī sā tu yū, hwut-evur yū ask thu Fothur in Mī nām Hē wil giv yū.
        24 "Unt*il nou yū hav askt nu-tting in Mī nām. Ask and yū wil res*ēv, that yur joi mā bē fool.

Jēzus Krīst Haz Ōvur-kum thu Wurld

"Thēz ttingz Ī hav spīkun tu yū in figyurutiv langgwuj; but thu tīm iz kuming hwen Ī wil nō launggur spēk tu yū in figyurutiv langgwuj, but Ī wil tel yū plānlē u-bout thu Fothur.
        26 "In that dā yū wil ask in Mī nām, and Ī dū not sā tu yū that Ī shal prā thu Fothur fōr yū;
        27 "fōr thu Fothur Him-self luvz yū, bi-kuz yū hav luvd Mē, and hav bel*ēvd that Ī kām fōrtt frum God.
        28 "Ī kām fōrtt frum thu Fothur and hav kum in-tu thu wurld. Ug*en, Ī lēv thu wurld and gō to thu Fothur."

        29. Hiz dis*īpulz sed tu Him, "Sē, nou Yū or spēking plānlē, and yūzing nō figyur uv spēch!
        30 "Nou wē or shur that Yū nō aul ttingz, and dū not nēd that enē-1 qeschun Yū. Bī this wē bel*ēv that Yū kām fōrtt frum God."
        31 Jēzus ansurd them,
"Dū yū nou bel*ēv?
        32 "In-dēd, thē ouur iz kuming, yes, haz nou kum, that yū wil bē skaturd, ēch tu hiz ōn, and wil lēv Mē u-lōn. And yet Ī am not u-lōn, bi-kuz thu Fothur iz witt Mē.
        33 "Thēz ttingz Ī hav spōkun tu yū, that in Mē yū mā hav pēs. In thu wurld yū wil hav tribyul*āshun; but bē uv good chir, Ī hav ōvur-kum thu wurld."

Chaptur 17

Jēzus' Prar fōr Him-self

Jēzus spōk thēz wurdz, liftud up Hiz īz tu hevun, and sed, "Fothur, thē ouur haz kum. Glōrifī Yur Sun, that Yur Sun aul-sō mā glōrifī Yū,
        2 "az Yū hav givun Him autt*ōritē ōvur aul flesh, that Hē shood giv et*urnul līf tu az menē az Yū hav givun Him.
        3 "And this iz et*urnul līf, that thā mā nō Yū, thē ōnlē trū God, and Jēzus Krīst hūm Yū hav sent.
        4 "Ī hav glōrifīd Yū on thē urtt. Ī hav finisht thu wurk hwich Yū hav givun Mē tu dū.
        5 "And nou, O Fothur, glōrifī Mē tug*ethur witt Yur-self, witt thu glōrē hwich Ī had witt Yū bi-fōr thu wurld wuz.

Jēzus' Prar fōr Hiz Dis*īpulz

"Ī hav manifestud Yur nām tu thu men hūm Yū gāv Mē out uv thu wurld. Thā wur Yurz, Yū gāv them tu Mē, and thā hav kept Yur wurd.
        7 "Nou thā hav nōn that aul ttingz hwich Yū hav givun Mē or frum Yū.
        8 "Fōr Ī hav givun tu them thu wurdz hwich Yū gāv Mē; and thā hav res*ēvd them, and hav nōn shurlē that Ī kām fōrtt frum Yū; and thā hav bel*ēvd that Yū sent Mē.
        9 Ī prā fōr them. Ī dū not prā fōr thu wurld but fōr thōz hūm Yū hav givun Mē, fōr thā or Yurz.
        10 "And aul Mīn or Yurz, and Yurz or Mīn, and Ī am glōrifīd in them.
        11 "And nou Ī am nō launggur in thu wurld, but thēz or in thu wurld, and Ī kum tu Yū. Hōlē Fothur, kēp ttrū Yur nām thōz hūm Yū hav givun Mē, that thā mā bē 1 az Wē or.
        12 "Hwīl Ī wuz witt them in thu wurld, Ī kept them in Yur nām. Thōz hūm Yū gāv Mē Ī hav kept; and nun uv them iz laust ex*ept thu sun uv purd*ishun, that thu Skripchur mīt bē fool-fild.
        13 "But nou Ī kum tu Yū, and thēz ttingz Ī spēk in thu wurld, that thā mā hav Mī joi fool-fild in them-selvz.
        14 "Ī hav givun them Yur wurd; and thu wurld haz hātud them bi-kuz thā or not uv thu wurld, just az Ī am not uv thu wurld.
        15 "Ī dū not prā that Yū tāk them out uv thu wurld, but that Yū kēp them frum thē ēvul 1.
        16 "Thā or not uv thu wurld, just az Ī am not uv thu wurld.
        17 "Sanktifī them bī Yur trūtt. Yur wurd iz trūtt.
        18 "Az Yū hav sent Mē in-tu thu wurld, Ī aul-sō hav sent them in-tu thu wurld.
        19 "And fōr thar sāks Ī sanktifī Mī-self, that thā aul-sō mā bē sanktifīd bī thu trūtt.

Jēzus' Prar fōr Aul Bel*ēvurz

"Ī dū not prā fōr thēz u-lōn, but aul-sō fōr thōz hū wil bel*ēv in Mē ttrū thar wurd;
        21 "that thā aul mā bē 1, az Yū, Fothur, or in Mē, and Ī in Yū; that thā aul-sō mā bē 1 in Us, that thu wurld mā bel*ēv that Yū hav sent Mē.
        22 "And thu glōrē hwich Yū gāv Mē Ī hav givun them, that thā mā bē 1 just az Wē or 1:
        23 "Ī in them, and Yū in Mē; that thā mā bē mād purfekt in 1, and that thu wurld mā nō that Yū hav sent Mē, and hav luvd them az Yū hav luvd Mē.
        24 "Fothur, Ī dez*īr that thā aul-sō hūm Yū hav givun Mē mā bē witt Mē hwer Ī am, that thā mā bi-hōld Mī glōrē hwich Yū hav givun Mē; fōr Yū luvd Mē bi-fōr thu found*āshun uv thu wurld.
        25 "O rīchus Fothur! Thu wurld haz not nōn Yū, but Ī hav nōn Yū; and thēz hav nōn that Yū hav sent Mē.
        26 "And Ī hav dekl*ard tu them Yur nām, and wil dekl*ar it, that thu luv witt hwich Yū hav luvd Mē mā bē in them, and Ī in them."

Chaptur 18

Betr*āul and U-rest in Getts*emunē [Gethsemane]

Hwen Jēzus had spōkun thēz wurdz, Hē went out witt Hiz dis*īpulz ōvur thu Brook Kidron, hwer ther wuz u gordun hwich Hē and Hiz dis*īpulz enturd.
        2 And Jūdus, hū betr*ād Him, aul-sō nū thu plās; fōr Jēzus aufun met ther witt Hiz dis*īpulz.
        3 Then Jūdus, having res*ēvd u band uv sōljurz, and aufisurz frum thu chēf prēsts and Farisēz, kām ther witt lanturnz, tōrchuz, and wepunz.
        4 Jēzus ther-fōr, nōing aul ttingz that wood kum up-on Him, went fōrwurd and sed tu them, "Hūm or yū sēking?"
        5 Thā ansurd Him, "Jēzus uv Nazurett." Jēzus sed tu them, "Ī am Hē." And Jūdus, hū betr*ād Him, aul-sō stood witt them.
        6 Then, az sūn az Hē had sed tu them, "Ī am Hē," thā drū bak and fel tu thu ground.
        7 Then Hē askt them ug*en, "Hūm or yū sēking?" And thā sed, "Jēzus uv Nazurett."
        8 Jēzus ansurd, "Ī hav tōld yū that Ī am Hē. Ther-fōr, if yū sēk Mē, let thēz gō thar wā,"
        9 that thu sāing mīt bē fool-fild hwich Hē spōk, "Uv thōz hūm Yū gāv Mē Ī hav laust nun."
        10 Then Sīmun Pētur, having u sōrd, drū it and struk thu hī prēst's survunt, and kut auf hiz rīt ir. Thu survunt's nām wuz Malkus [Malchus].
        11 Then Jēzus sed tu Pētur, "Poot yur sōrd in-tu thu shētt. Shal Ī not drink thu kup hwich Mī Fothur haz givun Mē?"

Bi-fōr thu Hī Prēst

        12 Then thu band uv sōljurz and thar kaptun and thē aufisurz uv thu Jūz u-restud Jēzus and bound Him.
        13 And thā led Him u-wā tu Anus [Annas] 1st, fōr hē wuz thu fothur-in-lau uv Kīufus hū wuz hī prēst that yir.
        14 Nou Kīufus wuz hē hū gāv kounsul tu thu Jūz that it wuz exp*ēdēunt that 1 man shood dī fōr thu pēpul.

Pētur'z Den*īul

        15 And Sīmun Pētur folōd Jēzus, and sō did un-uthur dis*īpul. That dis*īpul wuz nōn tu thu hī prēst, and went witt Jēzus in-tu thu kōrt-yord uv thu hī prēst.
        16 But Pētur stood at thu dōr out-sīd. Then that uthur dis*īpul, hū wuz nōn tu thu hī prēst, went out and spōk tu hur hū kept thu dōr, and braut Pētur in.
        17 Then thu survunt gurl hū kept thu dōr sed tu Pētur, "Yū or not aul-sō 1 uv this Man'z dis*īpulz, or yū?" Hē sed, "Ī am not."
        18 And thu survunts and aufisurz hū had mād u fīr uv kōlz stood ther, fōr it wuz kōld, and thā waurmd them-selvz. And Pētur stood witt them and waurmd him-self.

Jēzus Qeschund bī thu Hī Prēst

        19 Thu hī prēst then askt Jēzus u-bout Hiz dis*īpulz and Hiz doktrin.
        20 Jēzus ansurd him, "Ī spōk ōpunlē tu thu wurld. Ī aul-wāz taut in thu sinugogz and in thu tempul, hwer thu Jūz aul-wāz mēt, and in sēkrut Ī hav sed nu-tting.
        21 "Hwī dū yū ask Mē? Ask thōz hū hurd Mē hwut Ī hav sed tu them. In-dēd thā nō hwut Ī sed."

        22 And hwen Hē had sed thēz ttingz, 1 uv thē aufisurz hū stood bī struk Jēzus witt thu pom uv hiz hand, sāing, "Dū Yū ansur thu hī prēst līk that?"
        23 Jēzus ansurd him, "If Ī hav spōkun ēvul, ber witnus uv thē ēvul; but if wel, hwī dū yū strīk Mē?"
        24 Then Anus sent Him bound tu Kīufus thu hī prēst.

Pētur Den*īz Twīs Mōr

        25 And Sīmun Pētur stood and waurmd him-self. Ther-fōr thā sed tu him, "Yū or not aul-sō 1 uv Hiz dis*īpulz, or yū?" Hē den*īd it and sed, "Ī am not!"
        26 1 uv thu survunts uv thu hī prēst, u relutiv uv him hūz ir Pētur kut auf, sed, "Did Ī not sē yū in thu gordun witt Him?"
        27 Pētur then den*īd ug*en; and i-mēdēutlē u rūstur krōd.

In Pīlut's [Pilate's] Kōrt

        28 Then thā led Jēzus frum Kīufus tu thu Prēt*ōrēum, and it wuz urlē mōrning. And thā them-selvz did not gō in-tu thu Prēt*ōrēum, lest thā shood bē def*īld, but that thā mīt ēt thu Pas-ōvur.
        29 Pīlut [Pilate] then went out tu them and sed, "Hwut akyuz*āshun dū yū bring ug*enst this Man?"
        30 Thā ansurd and sed tu him, "If Hē wur not an ēvul-dūur, wē wood not hav del*ivurd Him up tu yū."
        31 Then Pīlut sed tu them, "Yū tāk Him and juj Him uk*ōrding tu yur lau." Ther-fōr thu Jūz sed tu him, "It iz not lau-fool fōr us tu poot enē-1 tu dett,"
        32 that thu sāing uv Jēzus mīt bē fool-fild hwich Hē spōk, signifīing bī hwut dett Hē wood dī.
        33 Then Pīlut enturd thu Prēt*ōrēum ug*en, kauld Jēzus, and sed tu Him, "Or Yū thu King uv thu Jūz?"
        34 Jēzus ansurd him, "Or yū spēking fōr yur-self, ōr did uthurz tel yū this u-bout Mē?"
        35 Pīlut ansurd, "Am Ī u Jū? Yur ōn nāshun and thu chēf prēsts hav del*ivurd Yū tu mē. Hwut hav Yū dun?"
        36 Jēzus ansurd, "Mī kingdum iz not uv this wurld. If Mī kingdum wur uv this wurld, then Mī survunts wood fīt, sō that Ī shood not bē del*ivurd tu thu Jūz; but nou Mī kingdum iz not frum hir."
        37 Pīlut ther-fōr sed tu Him, "Or Yū u king then?" Jēzus ansurd, "Yū sā rītlē that Ī am u king. Fōr this kauz Ī wuz bōrn, and fōr this kauz Ī kām in-tu thu wurld, that Ī shood ber witnus tu thu trūtt. Evrē-1 hū iz uv thu trūtt hirz Mī vois."
        38 Pīlut sed tu Him, "Hwut iz trūtt?" And hwen hē had sed this, hē went out ug*en tu thu Jūz, and sed tu them, "Ī fīnd nō fault in Him at aul."

Tāking thu Plās uv Bur*abus [Barabbas]

        39 "But yū hav u kustum that Ī shood rel*ēs sum-1 tu yū at thu Pas-ōvur. Dū yū ther-fōr wont mē tu rel*ēs tu yū thu King uv thu Jūz?"
        40 Then thā aul krīd ug*en, sāing, "Not this Man, but Bur*abus!" Nou Bur*abus wuz u robur.

Chaptur 19

Thu Sōljurz Mok Jēzus

Sō Pīlut then took Jēzus and skurjd Him.
        2 And thu sōljurz twistud u kroun out uv ttōrnz and poot it on Hiz hed, and thā poot on Him u purpul rōb.
        3 And thā sed, "Hāl, King uv thu Jūz!" And thā struk Him witt thar handz.
        4 Pīlut then went out ug*en, and sed tu them, "Look, Ī am bringing Him out tu yū, that yū mā nō that Ī fīnd nō fault in Him."

Pīlut's Des*izhun

        5 Then Jēzus kām out, wering thu kroun uv ttōrnz and thu purpul rōb. And Pīlut sed tu them, "Bi-hōld thu Man!"
        6 Ther-fōr, hwen thu chēf prēsts and aufisurz sau Him, thā krīd out, sāing, "Krūsifī Him, krūsifī Him!" Pīlut sed tu them, "Yū tāk Him and krūsifī Him, fōr Ī fīnd nō fault in Him."
        7 Thu Jūz ansurd Him, "Wē hav u lau, and bī our lau Hē aut tu dū, bi-kuz Hē mād Him-self thu Sun uv God."
        8 Ther-fōr, hwen Pīlut hurd that sāing, hē wuz thu mōr ufr*ād,
        9 and went ug*en in-tu thu Prēt*ōrēum, and sed tu Jēzus, "Hwer or Yū frum?" But Jēzus gāv him nō ansur.
        10 Then Pīlut sed tu Him, "Or Yū not spēking tu mē? Dū Yū not nō that Ī hav pouur tu krūsifī Yū, and pouur tu rel*ēs Yū?"
        11 Jēzus ansurd, "Yū kood hav nō pouur at aul ug*enst Mē unl*es it had ben givun yū frum ub*uv. Ther-fōr thu 1 hū del*ivurd Mē tu yū haz thu grātur sin."
        12 Frum then on Pīlut saut tu rel*ēs Him, but thu Jūz krīd out, sāing, "If yū let this Man gō, yū or not Sēzur'z [Caesar's] frend. Hū-evur māks him-self u king spēks ug*enst Sēzur."
        13 Hwen Pīlut ther-fōr hurd that sāing, hē braut Jēzus out and sat doun in thu jujmunt sēt in u plās that iz kauld Thu Pāvmunt, but in Hēbrū, Gabuttu (Gabbatha).
        14 And it wuz thu Prepar*āshun Dā uv thu Pas-ōvur, and u-bout thu 6tt ouur. And hē sed tu thu Jūz, "Bi-hōld yur King!"
        15 But thā krīd out, "U-wā witt Him, u-wā witt Him! Krūsifī Him!" Pīlut sed tu them, "Shal Ī krūsifī yur King?" Thu chēf prēsts ansurd, "Wē hav nō king but Sēzur!"
        16 Sō then hē del*ivurd Him tu them tu bē krūsifīd. And thā took Jēzus and led Him u-wā.

Thu King on u Kraus

        17 And Hē, bering Hiz kraus, went out tu u plās kauld thu Plās uv u Skul, hwich iz kauld in Hēbrū, Golguttu [Golgotha],
        18 hwer thā krūsifīd Him, and 2 uthurz witt Him, 1 on ēthur sīd, and Jēzus in thu sentur.
        19 And Pīlut rōt u tītul and poot it on thu kraus. And thu rīting wuz:
                JĒZUS UV NAZURETT,
                THU KING UV THU JŪZ.
        20 Then menē uv thu Jūz red this tītul, fōr thu plās hwer Jēzus wuz krūsifīd wuz nir thu sitē; and it wuz ritun in Hēbrū, Grēk [Greek], and Latin.
        21 Then thu chēf prēsts uv thu Jūz sed tu Pīlut, "Dū not rīt, 'Thu King uv thu Jūz,' but, 'Hē sed: Ī am King uv thu Jūz.' "
        22 Pīlut ansurd, "Hwut Ī hav ritun, Ī hav ritun."
        23 Then thu sōljurz, hwen thā had krūsifīd Jēzus, took Hiz gormunts and mād 4 ports, tu ēch sōljur u port, and aul-sō Hiz tūnik. Nou thu tūnik wuz witt-out sēm, wōvun frum thu top in 1 pēs.
        24 Thā sed ther-fōr um*ung them-selvz, "Let us not tir it, but kast lots fōr it, hūz it shal bē," that thu Skripchur mīt bē fool-fild hwich sez:
                "Thā div*īdud Mī gormunts um*ung them,
                And fōr Mī klōthing thā kast lots."

Ther-fōr thu sōljurz did thēz ttingz.

Bi-hōld Yur Muthur

        25 Nou ther stood bī thu kraus uv Jēzus Hiz muthur, and Hiz muthur'z sistur, Marē thu wīf uv Klōpus (Clopas), and Marē Magdulun [Magdalene].
        26 Hwen Jēzus ther-fōr sau Hiz muthur, and thu dis*ēpul hūm Hē luvd standing bī, Hē sed tu Hiz muthur, "Woomun, bi-hōld, yur sun!"
        27 Then Hē sed tu thu dis*īpul, "Bi-hōld yur muthur!" And frum that ouur that dis*īpul took hur tu hiz ōn hōm.

It Iz Finisht

        28 Aftur this, Jēzus, nōing that aul ttingz wur nou uk*omplisht, that thu Skripchur mīt bē fool-fild, sed, "Ī tturst!"
        29 Nou u vesul fool uv sour wīn wuz siting ther; and thā fild u spunj witt sour wīn, poot it on hisup, and poot it tu Hiz moutt.
        30 Sō hwen Jēzus had res*ēvd thu sour wīn, Hē sed, "It iz finisht!" And Hē boud Hiz hed, and gāv up Hiz spirit.

Pirsing Jēzus' sīd

        31 Ther-fōr, bi-kuz it wuz thu Prepar*āshun Dā, that thu bodēz shood not rem*ān on thu kraus on thu Sabatt (fōr that Sabatt wuz u hī dā), thu Jūz askt Pīlut that thar legz mīt bē brōkun, and that thā mīt bē tākun u-wā.
        32 Then thu sōljurz kām and brōk thu legz uv thu 1st and uv thē uthur hū wuz krūsifīd witt Him.
        33 But hwen thā kām tu Jēzus and sau that Hē wuz aul-redē ded, thā did not brāk Hiz legz.
        34 But 1 uv thu sōljurz pirst Hiz sīd witt u spir, and i-mēdēutlē blud and wautur kām out.
        35 And hē hū sau it bōr witnus, and hiz witnus iz trū; and hē nōz that hē iz teling thu trūtt, that yū mā bel*ēv.
        36 Fōr thēz ttingz wur dun that thu Skripchur shood bē fool-fild, "Not 1 uv Hiz bōnz shal bē brōkun."
        37 And ug*en un-uthur Skripchur sez, "Thā wil look on Him hūm thā pirst."

Jēzus Barēd in Jōsuf's [Joseph's] Tūm

        38 And aftur this, Jōsuf uv Arimutt*ēu [Arimathea], bēing u dis*īpul uv Jēzus, but sēkrutlē, fōr fir uv thu Jūz, askt Pīlut that hē mīt tāk u-wā thu bodē uv Jēzus; and Pīlut gāv him purm*ishun. Sō hē kām and took thu bodē uv Jēzus.
        39 And Nikud*ēmus, hū at 1st kām tu Jēzus bī nīt, aul-sō kām; and hē braut u mixchur uv mur and alōz, u-bout u 100 poundz.
        40 Then thā took thu bodē uv Jēzus, and bound it in strips uv linun witt thu spīsuz, az thu kustum uv thu Jūz iz tu barē.
        41 Nou in thu plās hwer Hē wuz krūsifīd ther wuz u gordun, and in thu gordun u nū tūm in hwich nō 1 had yet ben lād.
        42 Sō ther thā lād Jēzus, bi-kuz uv thu Jūz' Prepar*āshun Dā, fōr thu tūm wuz nir-bī.

Chaptur 20

Thu Emtē Tūm

Thu 1st dā uv thu wēk Marē Magdulun kām tu thu tūm urlē, hwīl it wuz stil dork, and sau thu stōn had ben tākun u-wā frum thu tūm.
        2 Then shē ran and kām tu Sīmun Pētur, and tu thē uthur dis*īpul, hūm Jēzus luvd, and sed tu them, "Thā hav tākun u-wā thu Lōrd out uv thu tūm, and wē dū not nō hwer thā hav lād Him."
        3 Pētur ther-fōr went out, and thē uthur dis*īpul, and kām tu thu tūm.
        4 Sō thā bōtt ran tug*ethur, and thē uthur dis*īpul out-ran Pētur and kām tu thu tūm 1st.
        5 And hē, stūping doun and looking in, sau thu linun klautts līing ther; yet hē did not gō in.
        6 Then Sīmun Pētur kām, folōing him, and went in-tu thu tūm; and hē sau thu linun klautts līing ther,
        7 and thu hankurchif that had ben u-round Hiz hed, not līing witt thu linun klautts, but fōldud tug*ethur in u plās bī it-self.
        8 Then thē uthur dis*īpul, hū kām tu thu tūm 1st, went in aul-sō; and hē sau and bel*ēvd.
        9 Fōr az yet thā did not nō thu Skripchur, that Hē must rīz ug*en frum thu ded.
        10 Then thu dis*īpulz went u-wā ug*en tu thar ōn hōmz.

Marē Magdulun Sēz thu Rizun Lōrd

        11 But Marē stood out-sīd bī thu tūm wēping, and az shē wept shē stūpt doun and lookt in-tu thu tūm.
        12 And shē sau 2 ānjulz in hwīt siting, 1 at thu hed and thē uthur at thu fēt, hwer thu bodē uv Jēzus had lān.
        13 And thā sed tu hur, "Woomun, hwī or yū wēping?" Shē sed tu them, "Bi-kuz thā hav tākun u-wā mī Lōrd, and Ī dū not nō hwer thā hav lād Him."
        14 And hwen shē had sed this, shē turnd u-round and sau Jēzus standing ther, and did not nō that it wuz Jēzus.
        15 Jēzus sed tu hur, "Woomun, hwī or yū wēping? Hūm or yū sēking?" Shē, sup*ōzing Him tu bē thu gordunur, sed tu Him, "Sur, if Yū hav karēd Him u-wā, tel mē hwer Yū hav lād Him, and Ī wil tāk Him u-wā."
        16 Jēzus sed tu hur, "Marē!" Shē turnd and sed tu Him, "rub*ōnī!" (rabboni) (hwich iz tu sā, Tēchur).
        17 Jēzus sed tu hur, "Dū not kling tu Mē, fōr Ī hav not yet us*endud tu Mī Fothur; but gō tu Mī brethrun and sā tu them, 'Ī am us*ending tu Mī Fothur and yur Fothur, and tu Mī God and yur God.' "
        18 Marē Magdulun kām and tōld thu dis*īpulz that shē had sēn thu Lōrd, and that Hē had spōkun thēz ttingz tu hur.

Thu Up*osulz Kum*ishund

        19 Then, thu sām dā at ēvning, bēing thu 1st dā uv thu wēk, hwen thu dōrz wur shut hwer thu dis*īpulz wur us*embuld, fōr fir uv thu Jūz, Jēzus kām and stood in thu midst, and sed tu them, "Pēs bē witt yū."
        20 And hwen Hē had sed this, Hē shōd them Hiz handz and Hiz sīd. Then thu dis*īpulz wur glad hwen thā sau thu Lōrd.
        21 Then Jēzus sed tu them ug*en, "Pēs bē witt yū. Az Mī Fothur haz sent Mē, Ī aul-sō send yū."
        22 And hwen Hē had sed this, Hē brēthd on them, and sed tu them, "Res*ēv thu Hōlē Spirit.
        23 "If yū fōrg*iv thu sinz uv enē, thā or fōrg*ivun them; and if yū ret*ān thu sinz uv enē, thā or ret*ānd."

Sēing and Bel*ēving

        24 But Tomus, kauld Didimus, 1 uv thu 12, wuz not witt them hwen Jēzus kām.
        25 Thu uthur dis*īpulz ther-fōr sed tu him, "Wē hav sēn thu Lōrd." But hē sed tu them, "Unl*es Ī sē in Hiz handz thu print uv thu nālz, poot mī finggur in-tu thu print uv thu nālz, and poot mī hand in-tu Hiz sīd, Ī wil not bel*ēv."
        26 And aftur 8 dāz Hiz dis*īpulz wur ug*en in-sīd, and Tomus witt them. Jēzus kām, thu dōrz bēing shut, and stood in thu midst, and sed, "Pēs bē witt yū."
        27 Then Hē sed tu Tomus, "Rēch yur finggur hir, and look at Mī handz; and rēch yur hand hir, and poot it in-tu Mī sīd. And dū not bē un-bel*ēving, but bel*ēving."
        28 And Tomus ansurd and sed tu Him, "Mī Lōrd and mī God!"
        29 Jēzus sed tu him, "Tomus, bi-kuz yū hav sēn Mē, yū hav bel*ēvd. Blesud or thōz hū hav not sēn and yet hav bel*ēvd."

That Yū Mā Bel*ēv

        30 And trūlē Jēzus did menē uthur sīnz in thu prezuns uv Hiz dis*īpulz, hwich or not ritun in this book;
        31 but thēz or ritun that yū mā bel*ēv that Jēzus iz thu Krīst, thu Sun uv God, and that bel*ēving yū mā hav līf in Hiz nām.

Chaptur 21

Brekfust at Galilē

Aftur thēz ttingz Jēzus shōd Him-self ug*en tu thu dis*īpulz at thu Sē uv Tīb*irēus, and in this wā Hē shōd Him-self:
        2 Sīmun Pētur, Tomus kauld Didimus, Natt*anyul uv Kānu in Galilē, thu sunz uv Zebedē [Zebedee], and 2 uthurz uv Hiz dis*īpulz wur tug*ethur.
        3 Sīmun Pētur sed tu them, "Ī am gōing fishing." Thā sed tu him, "Wē or gōing witt yū aul-sō." Thā went out and i-mēdēutlē got in-tu thu bōt, and that nīt thā kaut nu-tting.
        4 But hwen thu mōrning had nou kum, Jēzus stood on thu shōr; yet thu dis*īpulz did not nō that it wuz Jēzus.
        5 Then Jēzus sed tu them, "Boiz, hav yū enē fūd?" Thā ansurd Him, "Nō."
        6 And Hē sed tu them, "Kast the net on thu rīt sīd uv thu bōt, and yū wil fīnd sum." Sō thā kast, and nou thā wur not ābul tu drau it in bi-kuz uv thu multitūd uv fish.
        7 Ther-fōr that dis*īpul hūm Jēzus luvd sed tu Pētur, "It iz thu Lōrd!" Nou hwen Sīmun Pētur hurd that it wuz thu Lōrd, hē poot on hiz outur gormunt (fōr hē wuz wering ōnlē an undur-gormunt), and plunjd in-tu thu sē.
        8 And thē uthur dis*īpulz kām in thu litul bōt (fōr thā wur not for frum land, but u-bout 2 100 kyūbits), draging the net witt fish.
        9 Then, az sūn az thā had kum tu land, thā sau u fīr uv kōlz ther, and fish lād on it, and bred.
        10 Jēzus sed tu them, "Bring sum uv thu fish hwich yū hav just kaut."
        11 Sīmun Pētur went up and dragd the net tu land, fool uv lorj fish, 1 100 and 50-3; and aul-thō ther wur sō menē, the net wuz not brōkun.
        12 Jēzus sed tu them, "Kum and ēt brekfust." And nun uv thu dis*īpulz dard ask Him, "Hū or Yū?"—nōing that it wuz thu Lōrd.
        13 Jēzus then kām and took thu bred and gāv it tu them, and līkwīz thu fish.
        14 This iz nou thu 3rd tīm Jēzus shōd Him-self tu Hiz dis*īpulz aftur Hē wuz rāzd frum thu ded.

Jēzus Re-stōrz Pētur

        15 Sō hwen thā had ētun brekfust, Jēzus sed tu Sīmun Pētur, "Sīmun, sun uv Jōnu, dū yū luv Mē mōr than thēz?" Hē sed tu Him, "Yes, Lōrd; Yū nō that Ī luv Yū." Hē sed tu him, "Fēd Mī lamz."
        16 Hē sed tu him ug*en u 2nd tīm, "Sīmun, sun uv Jōnu, dū yū luv Mē?" Hē sed tu Him, "Yes, Lōrd; Yū nō that Ī luv Yū." Hē sed tu him, "Tend Mī shēp."
        17 Hē sed tu him thu 3rd tīm, "Sīmun, sun uv Jōnu, dū yū luv Mē?" Pētur wuz grēvd bi-kuz Hē sed tu him thu 3rd tīm, "Dū yū luv Mē?" And hē sed tu Him, "Lōrd, yū nū aul ttingz; Yū nō that Ī luv yū." Jēzus sed tu him, "Fēd Mī shēp.
        18 "Mōst u-shurudlē, Ī sā tu yū, hwen yū wur yunggur, yū gurdud yur-self and waukt hwer yū wisht; but hwen yū or ōld, yū wil strech out yur handz, and un-uthur wil gurd yū and karē yū hwer yū dū not wish."
        19 This Hē spōk, signifīing bī hwut dett hē wood glōrifī God. And hwen Hē had spōkun this, Hē sed tu him, "Folō Mē."

Thu Bi-luvd Dis*īpul and Hiz Book

        20 Then Pētur, turning u-round, sau thu dis*īpul hūm Jēzus luvd folōing, hū aul-sō had lēnd on Hiz chest at thu supur, and had sed, "Lōrd, hū iz thu 1 hū betr*āz Yū?"
        21 Pētur, sēing him, sed tu Jēzus, "Lōrd, and hwut wil this man dū?"
        22 Jēzus sed tu him, "If Ī wil that hē rem*ān til Ī kum, hwut iz that tu yū? Yū folō Mē."
        23 Then this sāing went out um*ung thu brethrun that this dis*īpul wood not dī. Yet Jēzus did not sā tu him that hē wood not dī, but, "If Ī wil that hē rem*ān til Ī kum, hwut iz that tu yū?"
        24 This iz thu dis*īpul hū testifīz uv thēz ttingz, and rōt thēz ttingz; and wē nō that hiz testimōnē iz trū.
        25 And ther or aul-sō menē uthur ttingz that Jēzus did, hwich if thā wur ritun 1 bī 1, Ī sup*ōz that ēvun thu wurld it-self kood not kunt*ān thu books that wood bē ritun. Omen.

If yū hav red thu Good Nūz uv Jon, and yū wont mōr in-fōrm*āshun:

Pēpul hav u verē straung tendunsē tu bel*ēv hwut thā wont tu bel*ēv unl*es thā kunt*inyū tu sē fakts that thā kan not kunt*inyū tu ign*ōr. Our nachurul hyūmun prīd māks us bel*ēv that wē or u good pursun. Mōst uv us or rēl*istik en*uf tu nō that wē or not fundum*entullē difrunt frum evrē-1 els, sō wē wont tu bel*ēv that aul hyūmun bēingz or bāsiklē good. Did yū nōtis hwut Jēzus sed u-bout man-kīnd in Chaptur 8, vurs 34? "Mōst u-shurudlē, Ī sā tu yū, hū-evur kum*its sin iz u slāv uv sin." Ōr hwut Jēzus sed in Chaptur 8, vurs 44? "Yū or uv yur fothur thu devul, and thu dez*īrz uv yur fothur yū wont tu dū." Unt*il wē bi-kum Krischunz—folōurz uv Jēzus [Jesus] Krīst [Christ]—wē or aul thu devul'z childrun bi-kuz uv our sin. Wē bi-kum God'z childrun hwen wē bi-kum u Krischun.

In Mattyū [Matthew], Mork [Mark], and Lūk [Luke], thē uthur 3 Gospulz, wē sē uthur stātmunts bī Jēzus u-bout man-kīnd'z sin-foolnus. In uthur books uv thu Bībul wē sē ēvun mōr expl*isit stātmunts u-bout thu sin-foolnus uv aul hyūmunz: "Fōr aul hav sind and faul shōrt uv thu glōrē uv God." (Rōmunz 3:23) "If wē sā wē hav nō sin, wē des*ēv our-selvz, and thu trūtt iz not in us." (Ī Jon 1:8) Ēvun thu best uv our "good dēdz"—if dun witt thu raung mōtiv*āshun—or sin-fool in God'z vyū-point: "Wē hav aul bi-kum līk 1 hū iz un-klēn, and aul our rīchus dēdz or līk u pul*ūtud gormunt." (Īz*āu 64:6)

Sum expurts hav nōtud that 1-3rd uv aul hyūmun bēingz hū hav evur livd hav ben kild bī thar felō hyūmun bēingz. Pēpul or kild in waur, in prē-meditātud ōr anggur-ind*ūst murdur, in tāking akshunz that wil rez*ult in pēpul bēing kild bī storv*āshun ōr un-uv*oidubul dānjurz, in man-slautur (bēing tū kar-les in thar akshunz tu prev*ent injurē tu uthur pēpul), ōr enē uv thē uthur ev*ents that rez*ult in pēpul bēing kild. In thu 20ett senchurē u-lōn—in ud*ishun tu Wurld Waurz Ī and II, waurz in Kōr*ēu {Korea], Vē*et Nom [Viet Nam], and nūmurus smaulur lōkul waurz—ther wuz thē Orm*ēnēun [Armenian] holukaust; thu Spanish Sivil Waur; thu Notsē [Nazi] holukaust; thu Japun*ēz {Japanese] prizun kamps; thu Gūlog [Gulag] Orkip*elugō [Archipelago]; thu slautur uv pēpul in Yūg*andu [Uganda bī Ēdē [Idi] Amin; thu masukur in Kamb*ōdēu [Cambodia]; 135 milyun pēpul slauturd bī Komyunists in Rushu [Russia], Chīnu [China], and els-hwer; thē ettnik klenzingz in Rū*ondu [Ruanda], Yūgōsl*ovēu [Yugoslavia], and Sūd*an [Sudan].

Ther or nūmurus wurdz yūzd fōr kiling u pursun: homusīd, sūusīd, fratrusīd, inf*antusīd, and ēvun wurdz ēthur chōzun tu hīd ōr having thē ef*ekt uv hīding thar rēl mēning: yūttun*āzhu (us*istud sūusīd ōr thē inkr*ēsinglē "pul*itiklē kur*ekt" kiling uv thōz hūz līvz or kuns*idurd not wurthē uv spending munē tu prez*urv hū dū not req*est us*istud sūusīd) ōr ub*ōrshun (inf*antusīd).

If that duz not kunv*ins yū that man-kīnd iz not bāsiklē good, hou kan yū expl*ān thu krīm and kiling wē sē on thu frunt pājuz uv our nūz-pāpurz evrē dā? Hwī dū wē hav tu hav pul*ēs-men and sōljurz tu prōt*ekt us? Hwī dū bank vaults hav metul dōrz 18 inchuz ttik and thu telurz hav u butun nir thar foot tu sound u sīlunt ul*orm? Hwī duz thu bank lōn aufisur hav tu chek thē in-fōrm*āshun wē prōv*īd on u lōn aplik*āshun? Hwī or ther sō menē murdurz at kunv*ēnyuns stōrz? Hwī dū wē hav sō menē jālz and prizunz? Hwī dū wē hav tu spend trilyunz uv dolurz on militarē de-fens if man-kīnd iz bāsiklē good? Ēvun mōr doun tu urtt: hwī or wē sō up-set hwen wē fīnd that sum-1 haz tōld us u "litul hwīt lī"—hwich evrē-1 duz uk*āzhunullē tu u-void hurting sum-1'z fēlingz—if teling līz iz not u sin and eviduns that pēpul or not bāsiklē good?

Mā-bē thē ub*uv paru-grafs hav ōpund yur īz tu thu fakt that man-kīnd iz not bāsiklē good, but yur prīd māks yū bel*ēv that yū, pursunullē, or not sin-fool. Brāking enē uv God'z kum*andmunts māks u pursun u sinur in God'z sīt. Thu Bībul sez in Jāmz [James] 2:10 that if yū brāk ēvun 1 uv God'z kum*andmunts, yū or giltē uv them aul — in uthur wurdz, brāking enē uv God'z kum*andmunts mēnz yū or reb*eling ug*enst God'z purfekt wā uv dūing ttingz. God nōz that enē tīm 1 uv thu kum*andmunts iz brōkun, sum-1 — ēthur thu pursun hū brāks thu kum*andmunt ōr sum-1 u-round thu 1 hū brōk thu kum*andmunt — wil get hurt in sum wā. Kuns*urning man-mād lauz, sum krīmz or kauld "viktim-les krīmz," but ther iz nō such tting az u viktim-les sin. God luvz us and duz not wont us tu get hurt — that iz hwī Hē gāv us thu kum*andmunts. Hevun — God'z et*urnul hōm — iz dez*īnd tu bē u plās hwer ther iz nevur enē un-hapēnus. Ēvun 1 sin in hevun wood kauz problumz and un-hapēnus.

Hir iz u qik sumurē uv thu mēning uv God'z 10 kum*andmunts frum Exudus [Exodus] chaptur 20 and Dūtur*onumē [Deuteronomy] chaptur 5:
1. dū not hav enē god but thu 1 trū God,
2. dū not māk an īdul ōr līknus uv God ōr god(s),
3. dū not tāk God'z nām kar-leslē ōr in vān,
4. kēp thu 7tt dā hōlē — set u-sīd fōr wurshiping God,
5. onur yur parunts,
6. dū not murdur,
7. dū not kum*it ud*ulturē,
8. dū not tāk enē-thing that duz not bel*aung tu yū,
9. dū not lī,
10. dū not dez*īr sum-tting that bel*aungz tu sum-1 els.

Kuns*iduring thu wā thu prezunt-dā "pul*itikulē kur*ekt" mēdēu—u muj*ōritē uv nūz-pāpurz, maguz*ēnz, rādēō and tele-vizhun prōgramz, and in-fōrm*āshun on thē intur- net—moks and bi-litulz Krischunz, thu folōing trū stōrē mā kum az u big supr*īz tu yū. In Chaptur 18 uv thu book, Lōrd uv Aul, bī D. Jāmz [James] Kenudē [Kennedy], Ph.D. and Jerē [Jerry] Nū-kum [Newcombe], ther iz thē u-kount uv u biznus-man hū wuz on u trip. Hiz plān wuz stopt fōr an ouur and 20 minut lā-ōvur in Dalus [Dallas]. Hē had sum Krischun trakts in hiz brēf-kās and des*īdud tu plās hiz biznus kord in ēch uv them and hand them out tu evrē-1 in hiz sekshun uv thē ar-pōrt. Hē sed tu ēch 1, "Hir, this wil tel yū hou tu bi-kum u Krischun. If yū wood līk tu nō mōr, Ī wil bē siting ōvur ther (pointing u-kraus thu wāting rūm) unt*il mī plān lēvz in u-bout an ouur. Ōr if yū wood līk tu rīt mē, hir iz mī biznus kord."

Hwut dū yū ttink hapund? Bi-fōr hiz plān left, men wur standing 4 dēp u-round hiz sēt trīing tu fīnd out hou tu bi-kum u Krischun, and fōr wēks hē wuz ansuring leturz frum thōz hū in-qīrd. Aftur rēding thu Good Nūz uv Jon, dū yū aul-sō wont tu nō hou tu bi-kum u Krischun? Ther or 100z uv Krischun trakts uv*ālubul. 1 uv thu best nōn iz kauld "Thu 4 Spirichūul Lauz." Thu Bībul duz not hav thēz lauz speld out, but 100z uv 1000z uv Biblikul skolurz ōvur thu last 2,000 yirz wood ugr*ē witt thu konsepts expl*ānd in this trakt. (Thu qōt*āshunz bi-lō or frum sevrul books uv thu Bībul. Thu 1st numbur iz thu chaptur, thu numbur aftur thu kōlun iz thu vurs numbur.)

Thu 4 Spirichūul Lauz

Just az ther or fizukul lauz that guvurn thu fizukul yūnuvurs, sō ther or spirichūul lauz that guvurn yur rul*āshunship witt God.

Lau 1. God luvz yū and aufurz u wundurful plan fōr yur līf.

God'z Luv: "God sō luvd thu wurld that Hē gāv Hiz ōnlē big*otun Sun, that hūevur bul*ēz in Him shood not perish but hav ēt*urnul līf" (Jon 3:16)

God'z Plan: [Krīst spēking] "Ī kām that thā mīt hav līf, and mīt hav it m*ōr ub*unduntlē" [that it mīt b*ē fool and mēningfool](Jon 10:10)

Hwī iz it that mōst pēpul or not exp*irunsing that ub*undunt līf?

Lau 2. Man-kīnd iz sin-fool and sepurātud frum God. Ther-fōr wē kan not nō and exp*irēuns God'z luv and plan fōr our līf.

Man-kind iz Sin-fool: "Aul hav sind and faul shōrt uv thu glōrē uv God" (Rōmunz [Romans] 3:23).

Man-kīnd wuz krē*ātud tu hav felōship witt God; but, bi-kuz uv our ōn stuburn self-wil, wē chūz tu gō our ōn in-dep*endunt wā and felōship witt God wuz brōkun. This self-wil, karukturīzd bī an atitūd uv ēthur aktiv reb*elyun ōr pasiv in-difruns, iz an eviduns uv hwut thu Bībul kaulz sin.

Man-kīnd iz Sepurātud: "Thu wājuz uv [pāmunt fōr] sin iz dett" [spirichūul sepur*āshun frum God] (Rōmunz 6:23).

God iz hōlē and man-kind iz sin-fool. U grāt gulf sepurāts us frum God. Man-kīnd iz kunt*inyūullē trīing tu rēch God and thē ub*undunt līf ttrū our ōn efurts, such az living u good līf, fil*osufē, ōr rel*ijun—but man-kīnd in-evitublē fālz.

Thu 3rd lau expl*ānz thē ōnlē wā tu brij this gulf:

Lau 3. Jēzus Krīst iz God'z ōnlē prōv*izhun fōr man-kīnd'z sin. Ttrū Him wē kan nō and exp*irēuns God'z luv and planz fōr our līvz.

Hē Dīd in Our Plās: "God demunstrāts Hiz ōn luv taurd us, in that hwīl wē wur yet sinurz, Krīst dīd fōr us" (Rōmunz 5:8).

Hē Rōz Frum thu Ded: "Krīst dīd fōr our sinz. . . Hē wuz barēd. . . Hē rōz ug*en thu 3rd dā, uk*ōrding tu thu Skripchurz. . . Hē u-pird tu Pētur, then tu thu 12. Aftur that Hē u- pird tu mōr than 5 100. . . ." (Ī Kōr*inttēunz [Corinthians] 15:3-6).

Hē Iz thē Ōnlē Wā tu God: "Jēzus sed tu him, 'Ī am thu wā, thu trūtt, and thu līf. Nō 1 kumz tu thu Fothur but ttrū Mē' " (Jon 14:6).

God haz brijd thu gulf that sepurāts us frum Him bī sending Hiz Sun, Jēzus Krīst, tu dī on thu kraus in our plās tu pā thu penultē fōr our sinz. Our Hōlē God kuns*idurz sin tu bē sō hōrubul that Hē req*īrz u hōlē, sin-les sakrifīs tu satisfī Hiz hōlēnus. Man-kīnd ōd u det wē kood not pā. Jēzus pād u det Hē did not ō fōr our det that wē kood not pā.

It iz not en*uf just tu thēz 3 lauz. . . .

Lau 4. Wē must in-div*ijūullē res*ēv Jēzus Krīst az Sāvyur and Lōrd; then wē kan nō and exp*irēuns God'z luv and plan fōr our līvz.

Wē Must Res*ēv Krīst: "Az menē az res*ēvd Him, tu them Hē gāv thu rīt tu bi-kum Childrun uv God, ēvun tu thōz hū bel*ēv in Hiz nām" (Jon 1:12).

Wē Res*ēv Krīst Ttrū Fātt: "Bī Grās yū hav ben sāvd ttrū fātt; and that not uv yur- selvz, it iz thu gift uv God; not az u rez*ult uv wurks that nō 1 shood bōst" (Ef*ēzhunz [Ephesians] 2:8,9).

Hwen Wē Res*ēv Krīst, Wē Exp*irēuns u Nū Burtt: (Rēd Jon 3:1-8 ug*en.)

Wē Res*ēv Krīst Ttrū Pursunul Invit*āshun: [Krīst spēking] "Bi-hōld, Ī stand at thu dōr and nok; if enē 1 hirz Mī vois and ōpunz thu dōr, Ī wil kum in tu him" (Revel*āshun [Revelation] 3:20).

Res*ēving Krīst inv*olvz turning tu God and frum self (wē must adm*it that wē or sinurz and ask God tu fōrg*iv us) and trusting Krīst tu kum in-tu our līvz tu fōrg*iv our sinz and tu māk us hwut Hē wonts us tu bē. Just tu ugr*ē intel*ekchūullē that Jēzus Krīst iz thu Sun uv God and that Hē dīd on thu kraus fōr our sinz iz not en*uf. Nōr iz it en*uf tu hav an em*ōshunul exp*irēuns. Wē res*ēv Jēzus Krīst bī fātt, az an akt uv thu wil—bī māking u furm des*izhun tu dū sō.

Thu folōing expl*ānz hou yū kan res*ēv Krīst:

Yū Kan Res*ēv Krīst Rīt Nou bī Fātt Ttrū Prar (Prar iz tauking witt God).

God nōz yur hort and iz not sō kuns*urnd witt yur wurdz az Hē iz witt thē atitūd uv yur hort. Thu folōing iz u sugj*estud prar:

Dir Lōrd Jēzus, Ī bel*ēv that yū dīd on thu kraus fōr mī sinz and that Yū u-rōz frum thu grāv. Ī nou ask Yū tu fōrg*iv mī sinz and tu sāv mī sōl. Tāk kuntr*ōl uv mī līf and māk mē thu kīnd uv pursun yū wont mē tu bē.

Dōz this prar expr*es thu dez*īr uv yur hort? If it duz, yū or inv*ītud tu prā this prar rīt nou, and Krīst wil kum in-tu yur līf, az Hē promist. Jēzus wuz not u-shāmd tu dī on thu kraus fōr us. Rōmunz 10:11 telz us, "Hū-evur bel*ēvz on [Jēzus] shal not bē u-shāmd." Jēzus sed, "Fōr hū-evur iz u-shāmd uv Mē and Mī wurdz in this ud*ultrus and sin-fool jenur*āshun, uv him thu Sun uv Man aul-sō wil bē u-shāmd hwen Hē kumz in thu glōrē uv Hiz Fothur witt thu hōlē ānjulz." (Mork 8:38) and "Ther-fōr hū-evur kunf*esuz Mē bi-fōr men, him Ī wil aul-sō kunf*es bi-fōr mī Fothur hū iz in hevun. But hū-evur den*īz Mē bi-fōr men, him Ī wil aul-sō den*ī bi-fōr Mī Fothur hū iz in hevun." (Mattyū 10:32-33)

1 wā wē kan kunf*es our bel*ēf in Jēzus iz tu bē baptīzd, hwich wē dū bi-fōr our frendz tu shō that wē or nou port uv God'z familē—wē or not baptīzd tu bi-kum Krischunz but bi-kuz wē or Krischunz and wont tu ōb*ā Jēzus and folō thē egz*ampul uv Jēzus bēing baptīzd.

If yū hav prād that prar asking Jēzus tu fōrg*iv yur sinz and hav sur*endurd yur līf tu Hiz lēding, God nōz if yū wur sins*ir. If sō, yū hav res*ēvd Krīst and or nou u Chīld uv God—yū hav ben ud*optud in-tu God'z familē! If wē wur witt yū wē kood giv yū u hug and sā, "Wel-kum, bruthur ōr sistur, tu God'z familē!

Az u nū Chīld uv God, yū nēd tu grō and much*ur spirichūullē in thu sām wā that nū-bōrn bābēz must grō fiziklē. God'z plan fōr our grōtt az u Krischun iz fōr us tu (1) rēd thu Bībul, (2) prā (tauk tu God and onustlē lisun tu enē-thing Hē mā bē urjing us tu dū—Hē wil not urj us tu dū sum-tting kontrarē tu hwut Hē telz us in thu Bībul), (3) felōship witt uthur Krischunz in church and Bībul studē. (It iz verē imp*ōrtunt fōr Krischunz tu fīnd u church hwer aul uv thu Bībul iz resp*ektud az thu wurd uv God and hwer thu Bībul iz dilijuntlē taut tu its memburz, bi-kuz in thu sām wā that u kōl in thu fīr-plās that iz sepurātud frum thē uthur kōlz wil burn out and grō kōld, nū Krischunz nēd thu help and en-kurujmunt uv felō Krischunz in thar Bībul studēz. That iz hwī wē or kum*andud tu not fōrs*āk church ut*enduns in Hēbrūz [Hebrews] 10:24-25, "And let us kuns*idur 1 un-uthur sō az tu stur up luv and good wurks, not fōrs*āking thē us*embling uv our-selvz tug*ethur, az iz thu manur uv sum, but egz*ōrting 1 un-uthur, and sō much thu mōr az yū sē thu Dā upr*ōching."), and (4) shar yur fātt witt uthurz. Wē or līk u storving pursun hū haz found u hyūj stōr uv frē fūd teling our storving frendz hwer tu fīnd thu fūd.

If yū hav bi-kum u nū Krischun, let mē shar in yur joi. E.māl mē at If yū wish tu kō-resp*ond witt mē u-bout enē-thing yū hav red hir ōr u-bout our hyūmanit*arēun projekt fōr purmununtlē ending Ingglish funkshunul i-litrusē plēz fēl frē tu e.māl mē.>/p>