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1. Definition of Functional Illiteracy
2. Extent of the Problem
3. Why We Do Not See the Extent of the Problem
4. Seriousness of the Problem
5. English Spelling Confuses Everyone
6. the Solution in a Nutshell
7. The Obvious Solution Never Tried
8. Characteristics of NuEnglish
9. Spelling Reform is the Only Proven, Easy Solution to English Illiteracy
10. Learn to Read Now!
11. All Reasonable Objections to Spelling Reform Have Been Debunked
12. Twelve Serious Linguistic Problems With English Spelling

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Our Respeller page Here up to about 25 pages of traditional spelling can be quickly converted to NuEnglish spelling for free!

Info on Spelling Reform

Our Literacy Blog ( Also, see useful information and links in the sidebars

Let's End Our Literacy Crisis, Revised Edition on with one editorial and ten customer reviews (one four-star and nine five-star, the maximum) and info on how the humanitarian project of Literacy Research Assoc., Inc and NuEnglish, Inc. evolved (see "More About the Author" in the center of the page).

Books by The English Spelling Society members

Let's End Our Literacy Crisis on Kindle

U.S. Spelling Reform Society

U.K. Spelling Reform Society This website has a world of information about spelling reform and information about the International English Spelling Congress which will choose a spelling system in early 2019 which will be promoted for use alongside present spelling until it completely replaces present spelling when the advantages of a simple, logical spelling of all English words becomes universally accepted.  

Our You Can Read Now Blog (

Our English Literacy Information Blog (

The Website This website contains interesting information about English spelling and spelling reform and a link to the Spelling Reform Web Ring

Spelling Reform Information Website

Writing Systems Information Website This website explains vital information about the logic of different ways of spelling words and information about changes made to the spelling of words in languages all around the world.

Literacy Information Website

Education Information Website

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